May 13, 2021

López Obrador presents an essay on economic policy in the days of COVID-19

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presented this Saturday an essay on the new economic policy that his government should continue to apply in the country and how to deepen it, based on the COVID-19 pandemic that has left in this country until now. more than 4,700 deaths and more 45,000 cases of contagion.

The president explained that the document, of about 30 pages and that he dedicated to the deceased and patients with coronavirus and their relatives, he wrote in his spare time.

Under the title: “The new economic policy in the times of the coronavirus,” López Obrador said, in a video on social networks, that the text has as its main axis “to stop seeing the economy only in terms of economic growth.”

He noted that “it is not (should) be thinking that the most important thing is the measurement made of the Gross Domestic Producer (GDP), no. Growth must be accompanied by democracy, justice, honesty, austerity and of well-being. “

López Obrador said that the document is also aimed “at the sectors with the highest incomes, to explain to them how they will benefit from this policy.”

López Obrador said that in the text he explains that if resources are dispersed to the neediest sectors “the capacity for consumption is strengthened and the industry and commerce are improved and the sectors with the highest incomes are favored.”

He said he also talks about how with the entry of the Free Trade Agreement Mexico, the United States and Canada the economy will be reactivated and more foreign investment will arrive in the country.

He assured that the essay is for the population to know “what we are thinking, what is the theoretical basis of the Government’s practice, of the actions that we are carrying out.”

He noted that these actions “are not occurrences. This is the product of reflection and also of experience, gathering the feelings of our people,” he said.

He said that the neoliberal model has a flaw “and it is collapsing, it is in crisis because it was applied as a recipe for everyone and the realities of each country were not taken into account.”

He stated that in the application of the neoliberal model in Mexico, the prevailing “great corruption” was taken into account, neither the waste nor the luxuries that were carried out by the government itself.

The Mexican president, very much in his style, decided to present the document in the rostrum of the Parliamentary Precinct of the National Palace, where the Constitution of 1857 was promulgated.


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