López Obrador praises the form of government of the Mexican indigenous communities

López Obrador praises the form of government of the Mexican indigenous communities

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, praised today the form of government of the indigenous communities when describing it as "true democracy", during a visit to the municipality of San Juan Evangelista Analco, in the southern state of Oaxaca.

"In the Fourth Transformation, democracy is the government of the people, with the people and for the people, which is why communities and native peoples of the country that are governed by the system of uses and customs will be able to access public resources directly from the federation. in a framework of trust and recognition of their honesty, "said the president.

During the signing of the agreement that marks the beginning of the Road Paving Program to Municipal Headquarters, an act in which he also led the first delivery of resources to 50 municipalities, the president highlighted that Oaxaca is one of the entities with the greatest cultural wealth in the country. world.

"Therefore, because of these customs, because of traditions that come from afar, they have an exemplary, extraordinary social and political organization: an authentic, true democracy," he added.

López Obrador emphasized that most of the 570 municipalities that make up the state of Oaxaca do not have a paved road to the municipal capitals. "That is why we decided to give a solution to this felt demand of you," he said.

With this act, the Government of Mexico initiates a joint action in which the communities will be in charge of the construction of concrete roads that will communicate with the municipal capitals.

López Obrador said that "about 2,500 million (pesos, 125.3 million dollars) are already planned for next year for these roads. (They are) about 50 million (2.5 million dollars) to start, way, by community, to start next year. "

"But we go by section and every year until we reach the 14,000 million (701.7 million dollars) that are required to say: All roads from Oaxaca to the municipal capitals are built, that is, the work has been completed, mission fulfilled, "clarified the Mexican president.


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