López Obrador fuels attacks on large Spanish companies with Iberdrola in the target

The president of Mexico returns to the charge against Spanish companies. On this occasion, Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke of private companies that "have done dirty business with clean energy", in specific reference to the Spanish Iberdrola. It is not the first time that the president of Mexico accuses the energy companies of our country of “economic promiscuity in tune with previous administrations”. Last February, when he announced the cessation of bilateral relations with Spain -some statements that caused a diplomatic conflict that Spanish businessmen branded for this newspaper as a "perfect distractor"- he went on to ensure that "Mexico takes the worst part » with the conquest that took place more than 500 years ago always on the horizon. Later he declared that specifically the Spanish energy companies "plunder the country with impunity." The Spanish company Iberdrola is the largest private power generator in the country, providing 20% ​​of the electricity consumed on Mesoamerican soil, a few megawatts that López Obrador prefers to do without: “You know what? We send them to hell », he expressed. One of the pillars of his well-known ideological plan, called the Fourth Transformation, involves the Mexican State taking charge of power generation that dictates prices. The governor of the Mexican state of Campeche, Layda Sansores, joined these thick statements, alluding to the Bilbao company in a meeting with young people who were given computers: «For those who work for Iberdrolas and work for their fucking mother Let them go, this is not their land. And she added: "They get the best of the cake." She later branded the legislators as "traitors to the country" for not giving their vote to the long-awaited energy reform of the Mexican president. However, other companies beyond Iberdrola have also been targeted by the country's leader. The Tabasco politician has charged in the past, among others, against Repsol, OHL and BBVA. The latter is even one of the leaders of the financial system of the American territory. The bank, in the spotlight However, Iberdrola has not been the only Spanish company that has been the target of their attacks. The politician from Tabasco went so far as to affirm that Repsol, and also the construction company OHL, "had their August", being "the favorites" during the government of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto. A populist triumvirate of accusations in which he takes the opportunity to point to the previous governments and the "invading abuser" who together cause the inexplicable poverty suffered by the population. Less than a month ago, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), promoted by Latin American leftist governments, projected an increase in poverty of 2.3 percentage points due to inflation and reduced economic growth. At the time of severing relations, the Mexican leader assured that OHL "was the favorite company in the past six-year term" although he assured that now "Mexico will no longer be looted with impunity." In addition, the banks are part of its blacklist with comments with BBVA, in the center of the target, whose imposing headquarters on Paseo de la Reforma is the tallest tower in the country and was named by The Banker as the best bank in Mexico. in 2021. MORE INFORMATION The interventionist threat liquidates the energy transition in Mexico The only one that is saved from the burning is Banco Santander, which, through specific visits such as Ana Botín's lunch with López Obrador in March, reaffirms its commitment to Mesoamerican soil after announce a plan to repurchase 8.3% of the shares of its subsidiary in the country for 550 million euros. The president, also of Cantabrian origin, called the meal "very productive." Although less than a month ago the bank withdrew from the race to buy Banamex Mexico after presenting a non-binding purchase offer.

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