López Obrador, facing the challenge of fighting poverty beyond the budget

López Obrador, facing the challenge of fighting poverty beyond the budget

The new president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, must fight the poverty suffered by 43.6% of the population without triggering the budget and seeking a social economy with more social rights, experts agreed today.

The fight against poverty "is fundamental, but social development must go beyond poverty and include effective access to social rights," said today the executive secretary of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval). , Gonzalo Hernández.

In the presentation of the book "Poverty and Social Rights in Mexico" and the Diagnostic Studies in social rights, the head of this public body regretted that the fight against poverty has suffered "swings" in the last thirty years, without achieving a " frank "reduction.

According to data from Coneval, Mexico reported that 43.6% of its population lived in poverty in 2016, a reduction of 1.9 million people compared to 2014, while advances in the fight against extreme poverty were somewhat more substantial.

In this way, Hernandez defended today that, before the new federal budget that the team of the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador must present this week to the Legislative, should defend the social programs that are "priority", such as Prospera, and eliminate possible duplications .

Finally, supported a rise in the minimum wage to 102 pesos (about $ 5) per day, compared to the current 88.36 pesos (about $ 4.4). This increase would not impact inflation and would be beneficial for all citizens, he said in statements to the media.

In his turn, the director of the National Institute of Social Economy, Juan Manuel Martínez Louvier, stressed that the new administration of López Obrador, who assumed the Presidency on December 1, seeks to guarantee the human rights and welfare of all citizens .

"We can not access a platform of rights if income has not been improved," said the specialist, who came on behalf of the Secretary of Welfare, María Luisa Albores.

Likewise, Martínez Louvier urged to promote wealth and redistribution in order to create a new economy, the social economy.

The president of the Budget and Public Account Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfonso Ramírez, encouraged the different organizations that evaluate and fight poverty in Mexico to work "closely."

The politician, from López Obrador's party, Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (Morena), spoke of the need to "compact" social programs, since they currently have identified up to 6,500.

And "next to the income we should also measure prices, and control the markets, especially in those that are fundamental for the full realization of social rights," he said.

All this, he said, to promote "new rules" in social development, which should lead to more multidimensional growth.

Ramírez also asked to demand and thus guarantee that the rights are fulfilled.

And he denounced "fiscal weakness" of the Mexican State a few days after the Lopez Obrador administration presents its first budgets, in the face of great doubt about whether the implementation of social programs will be achieved without indebtedness to the country.

"The truth is I do not believe that with these tax revenues we have, with this tax scheme, with the facilities that the upper segments of the economy have," we can achieve "an ambitious program of robust social policy" and social rights, he concluded.

Finally, the fifth visitor of the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH), Edgar Corzo, stressed the importance of "living with dignity" and argued that poverty leads to a violation of human rights, so that public spending must be redesigned .

"Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon that goes beyond the economic factor," he said, adding that it also constitutes "cause and consequence of human rights violations."


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