López Obrador denies conspiracy in air tragedy with two dead politicians

López Obrador denies conspiracy in air tragedy with two dead politicians

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, today rejected the conspiracy theories that point to his government in the death of conservative politicians Martha Erika Alonso and Rafael Moreno Valle in a plane crash, and appealed to the concord before the tragedy.

"We are not oppressors, we are fighting for a peaceful change and we are going to achieve this change along the path of concord, we will never act against anyone," the president said at his morning press conference, questioned by the "conspiracy theories" around the event.

On Monday afternoon, hours before the Christmas Eve celebration, a helicopter in which the governor of Puebla and her husband and senator, Rafael Moreno Valle, both of the right-wing National Action Party, were collapsed in Coronango, in the central state of Puebla, collapsed. (PAN), along with three other people.

The tragedy has generated enormous controversy in Puebla, where Alonso came to power after a long electoral controversy with the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), Lopez Obrador's party, which left the electoral result in suspense for five months.

The polarization and the accusations towards the government and Morena before a possible attack burned the social networks and important figures, like the ex-president Vicente Fox (2000-2006), stoked the flames.

"We demand a clarification! It is difficult to accept this coincidence after a strong democratic battle for Puebla," Fox said.

This Wednesday, after several appearances before the press of members of the Executive and messages on social networks, López Obrador reiterated, out loud, that before this "tragedy" will not be hidden "absolutely nothing".

"So that there is no suspicion, the Government of the Republic will appeal to an independent body of the foreigner, of recognized prestige, to present an opinion," he remarked on Wednesday.

Support was sought from the National Security Council for Transportation in the United States, but today López Obrador informed that due to the partial closure of US Administration, that institution will not be able to participate, for the time being, in the case.

Carlos Morán, Undersecretary of Transportation of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, stressed that the participation of experts from Canada and European specialists is being sought.

He also recalled that the helicopter manufacturers and their engines, the Augusta and Pratt & Whitney firms, and "another on-site expert" are participating in the investigation.

Despite not having a black box armored against fires, the official was convinced that it will be possible to "obtain information" from the recovered instrument "under the conditions in which it is located".

López Obrador added that in investigations of this type it is difficult to determine how much time will be required to reach definitive conclusions.

This Tuesday, Christmas Day, the funeral of the politicians in Puebla was celebrated, in which the Minister of the Interior, the maximum representation of the Executive in the act, was received with cries of "Assassins!" and "Justice!"

"I do not want to generalize, I do not want to talk about all the conservatives, of all those on the right, but there is a very petty group that, in social networks, began to talk about the responsibility of the government that I represent," the leftist president said today. , who decided not to attend the funeral so as not to "play the game".

In this sense, Sánchez Cordero, present at the morning conference, regretted that at the funeral a few people would demonstrate in an "inappropriate" manner.

"But we were going with transparency and a clear conscience," he added.

Despite the promise to clarify the matter, doubts about the causes of this accident inevitably arise in a country where several politicians have died in plane crashes.

Without going any further, in addition to Alonso and Moreno Valle, three other high level PAN politicians have died in air tragedies in the last 13 years, as the then Secretary of the Interior, José Francisco Blake, in 2011.

Figures like the governor of Tabasco and presidential candidate Carlos Madrazo in 1969 or the governor of Colima Gustavo Vázquez in 2005 also lost their lives in claims.

"About accidents or attacks, which can not be generalized in any way, or in another, there will always be a doubt, as far as we are concerned, we will always act consistently, we will always tell the truth" , concluded López Obrador today.


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