February 26, 2021

López Obrador confirms theft of 2.5 million dollars at Casa de Moneda

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, confirmed Wednesday that in the robbery in a store of the Mint they took 50 million pesos (about 2.3 million euros) in gold coins.

"There was an assault, and not precisely in the Mint, but in one of the stores that sell coins, and they took centenarians with a value of approximately 50 million pesos," he said from the National Palace.

Questioned by the press about this assault on Tuesday, the president explained that the authors have already been identified.

"The City Government (of Mexico) began an investigation and I understand that the case will be brought by the Attorney General's Office," the president said.

In addition, the president did not rule out the possible participation of exagents of the Federal Police in the case. "On this subject I have ample and sufficient information, but as the investigation is, I consider it prudent to say nothing," he said when asked about this possibility.

According to the first investigations, and despite the fact that it has not officially transpired, three armed men entered a headquarters of the Mint of Mexico on the central avenue Paseo de la Reforma on Tuesday and carried out the robbery in about 10 minutes.

In the store, the private security guard who guarded access was dispossessed of the weapon and went straight to the institution's security vault, which turned out to be open and from which about 1,500 gold coins and commemorative clocks were stolen.

Several employees of the Mint are currently being investigated for their possible relationship with the robbery.

The centenary is a coin that was first minted in 1921 as a current currency to commemorate the first Centenary of Mexican Independence.

The Mint of Mexico is a decentralized body of the federal government and is responsible for minting the coins according to the denominations established by the decrees of the Congress of the Union.

The event broke out in social networks and many equated the crime with the misdeeds of the Netflix series "The House of Paper", where a group of intelligent thieves perpetuate similar robberies thanks to the brilliant mind of the character nicknamed The Professor.

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