May 16, 2021

López Obrador asks that the National Guard have a civil command

López Obrador asks that the National Guard have a civil command

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asked the Chamber of Deputies that the command of the National Guard be civil, confirmed today Alfonso Durazo, Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of the Government.

During the hearing on the National Guard that was held today in the legislature, in which the Army and Navy commanders were present, Durazo commented that the president asked to make the necessary changes so that the maximum responsible is a civilian and not a military .

Originally, the plan of the new Government was for the National Guard to be formed by agents of the Army, the Navy and the Federal Police, which was assigned to the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) and was under both military and civilian control.

But according to Durazo, the president now requested that this agency be located in the civil sphere and that it be under the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection.

The president of Mexico assured that a body like the National Guard was needed "to guarantee public safety", because he emphasized that until now the special operations of the army and the navy were oriented to face the organized crime and "they did not protect the citizen".

He stressed that the federal police project was not consolidated, that it failed, and that is why the decision was made to create the National Guard uniting the federal, naval and military police.

And he said he trusts the army "as I trust all human beings … I believe in people and there are soldiers who are the people."

He also reiterated the commitment that in his government there will be no repression because "the president of Mexico, who is the supreme commander of the armed forces, will never give the order to repress the people."

The creation of a National Guard is part of the National Plan for Peace and Security 2018-2024 of López Obrador with the aim of preserving security and combating crime in the country.

The proposal states that the National Guard could be composed of 60,000 agents, 30,000 from the Military Police, 10,000 from the Navy and 20,000 from the Federal Police.


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