López Obrador asks support from businessmen in Mexican presidential plane raffle

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, held a meeting with members of the private sector in Mexico on Wednesday to explain the dynamics of the raffle with prizes for the value of the presidential plane organized by his government.

Around a hundred entrepreneurs, including billionaire Carlos Slim, owner of Grupo Carso, arrived at the National Palace, in Mexico City, to participate in the meeting, in which a snack of chipilin and chocolate tamales was offered, revealed Mexican media

Among the participants were Emilio Azcárraga, president of the Televisa Group; Carlos Bremen, director of Grupo Financiero Value, Carlos Peralta, director of IUSA, Carlos Salazar, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

Some shouting children of the National Lottery were brought to the meeting and they took a sample of the ticket that will be put up for sale for the raffle starting next March 1. The draw will be held on September 15.

According to newspaper sources, President López Obrador would invite businessmen to buy tickets for this raffle, which is expected to raise 3,000 million pesos (about 160 million dollars).

Each of those attending the meeting will be invited to buy and distribute tickets for the raffle up to an amount of 20 million pesos ($ 1.1 million), according to these sources, because the content was not officially reported. of the encounter.

The raffle will deliver 100 prizes each of 20 million pesos ($ 1.1 million) according to the announcement of the beginning of February made by the Mexican president himself at his daily press conference.

The raffle funds will be used to purchase medical equipment for the benefit of public hospitals in Mexico.

López Obrador said that the raffle "is not of the plane itself, but of the money equivalent to this expensive aircraft. Meanwhile, the vehicle will remain guarded by the Air Force for two years, while it is definitely sold."

On sale there will be 6 million numbers of 500 pesos each ($ 26.74) and there will be 100 winning tickets, at a rate of 20 million pesos ($ 1.1 million) each.

Upon his arrival in the presidency in December 2018, López Obrador decided that the presidential plane, a Boeing 787 valued at 130 million dollars, was put up for sale for which he was taken to the United States, where he is still.


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