Lopetegui: "Pitos? I have not felt anything special "| sports

Lopetegui: "Pitos? I have not felt anything special "| sports

"Yes, yes, with total normality", responded Emilio Butragueño, the director of institutional relations of Real Madrid, before the question of the million, formulated in Movistar Plus in the wake of the whistle that thundered when the referee signaled the end of Madrid- Pilsen at the Bernabéu and the public expressed their anger at the bad game despite the victory (2-1). Will Julen Lopetegui sit at the Camp Nou next Sunday?

Butragueño said that the normal thing will happen, and that normality is yes. But normality was always a chimera in Chamartín and this season is far from being the exception, much less in a "total" way.

"Everything you talk to me is very far away," said Lopetegui in the conference room, when they told him that from the stage they ratified him five more days, until the classic, until the match that the club indicated in red as the deadline from which the Basque coach hired in June will be considered amortized.

"The most important thing was to win today's game," said the coach, pale and subdued. "The boys were in great need of a win. We wanted to get out of these adverse circumstances. The dynamics do not change from one day to the next. Today has been a turning point for the team. We have had many clear chances. But we have not been able to complete them as we would have liked ".

Lopetegui repeats ideas and expressions with mechanical precision. For weeks, it has not left a mold of technocratic business school jargon. Voices such as "dynamics", "occasions", or "circumstances", are entangled in an endless succession until the discourse of emotion is emptied. Lopetegui resonates so robotic that it is probably true that he could not hear the public whistles, which raged all night to reject the game of the team, as discouraged as he is.

"I have not felt anything special", he was surprised, when they asked him to reflect on the increasingly evident displeasure of the stands. "The public is sovereign and always, always, right. But the most important thing today has been to win a Champions League match, get the three points and break a complex dynamic. Now I'm sure the team will grow. It will go further. "

"It was very important for us to win this game," he said, without changing the tone, "the circumstances are not simple. We would have liked it to be more comfortable. But we will grow. On Sunday we have a beautiful game that excites us a lot. "

Lopetegui praised the squad Federico Valverde for the contribution to the game between the lines of Madrid when, in the second part, he made him replace Isco. "Valverde's offensive game has had a lot of influence," he said, which has been the debutante of the 20-year-old soccer player in an official match with Madrid. The midfielder participated in Marcelo's goal with a pass that Bale deflected high.

"I'm fine," he replied, when asked about his sad mood. "We would have liked to win in a more forceful way, as I think we deserved it. Football is delaying us prizes. We had many chances to score. I'm sure that in a more calm environment the goals will come ".

"It is true," he continued, "that when there is a moment of weakness because you do not win, any team is more susceptible to any situation. But I am strong, how will I be? I'm tired but happy. "

Marcelo retired in the 88th minute of the game after suffering a blow. Julen Lopetegui said that he hopes it is not serious. The Brazilian side left the Bernabéu walking normally and in a very bad mood. "It's hard when you do not win," he said, as if against Pilsen Madrid had not won with a goal from him. "The crisis and the eight hours [sin marcar] It's not something we talk about. The press tries to hurt the wardrobe. Maybe because of envy. Because they do not know how to play football. I do not know".

On the rumors about his departure, Marcelo was blunt: "I have not heard any offer. When I have indicated the shield I wanted to say that Madrid always comes back. More Real Madrid than me impossible ".

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