Lopetegui: "If you expected to see a sunken coach, do not look at me" | sports

Lopetegui: "If you expected to see a sunken coach, do not look at me" | sports

"I face day to day with the normality of always," said Julen Lopetegui, this Monday at noon, calmer than ever since the crisis began that has completely discredited him as a coach of Real Madrid, in the eyes of the board. The coach was defiant at the conference held to present the game that will face his team with Viktoria Pilsen, this Tuesday at the Bernabéu. "If you expected to see a coach sunk or downcast, do not look at me," he said, addressing the press. "On the contrary, I keep the maximum ambition and concentration to prepare the competition."

The situation of Julen Lopetegui in Madrid is so desperate that in the dome of the club, when the leaders refer to him they do not call him by his name. According to a source close to the presidency, his nickname is The Zombie The president, Florentino Pérez, decided to fire him on October 2 after subjecting him to a thorough examination against Sevilla, Atlético and CSKA. It has only maintained him while they look for a substitute in a spiral of waiting that has only aggravated the drift of the team, which has chained five games without winning.

The visit of the modest Viktoria, from the Czech Republic, is presented as an auspicious occasion for recovery. Asked about the Champions by the official Madrid media, Lopetegui pronounced himself with his usual grandiloquent tone. "The Champions League is linked to the history of the club," he said. "Tomorrow Pilsen will force us to play a great game and do what we want, which is to win three points."

From Madrid it has been leaked that the club is looking for a substitute and that both Antonio Conte and Santiago Solari are on the list of alternatives. The technician, however, did not take notice. "What I feel," he said, when asked about his feelings, "is that we have a great game ahead, facing it with the greatest ambition, love and energy. I do not think of anything other than the match, which will be interesting enough. "

"I can only confirm that I am here dressed in the uniform of Madrid," he said, before the question of whether he imagined himself sitting on the bench of the Camp Nou next Sunday. "We are focused on the present. This is our job and our responsibility. "

Madrid organized the conference following the protocol mandated by UEFA, according to which the coach must appear together with a footballer. Isco was chosen by the club, just one of the main bastions that Lopetegui has in an increasingly unbelieving wardrobe with the coach. "It would seem crazy to change the coach," said the Malaga. "You have to let him work. We've been with him for two months. If they throw the coach they should throw us all [los jugadores], because we are the ones in the field, the ones we have to defend and score. "

Inquired by the impact of the absence of Cristiano in the deficient game of Madrid, Isco responded in the line marked by the department of communication over the last month. "We can not cry for someone who has not wanted to be here," he said.

Cristiano has assured several of his excolegas costume that he only signed for Juventus because Madrid pushed him to it by denying the contractual renewal that waited for seven months.

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