July 30, 2021

Lopetegui, Florentino and the 'tragedy' | sports

Lopetegui, Florentino and the 'tragedy' | sports

If you do not believe it, it's not worth it

We expected the goal that would take Madrid out of its drought and what celebrated the fans of the glorious Deportivo Alavés was the draw. For that reason, Manu's goal in the 95th minute was like a shot in a church. The matchless novelist who inhabits football likes to turn everything upside down. Real Madrid was under observation and when Alavés scored the goal, I fell in the comment the word tragedy. These exaggerations leave reporters without adjectives to describe their catastrophes. But any game only makes sense if it occupies everything for a while. If it happens to the player, he will be concentrated to the maximum; if it happens to the fan, he will be forgetting the life he left out of the stadium; if it happens to the commentator, you have to let yourself be carried away by this wonderful fiction. At the end of the game I met Lopetegui and Florentino and when I saw their faces I thought: "Fuck the events: this is a tragedy".

From the coach to the president

In the first place, Madrid had a possession higher than 70%, but that data only reflects an administrative procedure. It was a Baroque football that turned on itself without anyone breaking the monotony. Lack of confidence stifles daring, which is the spigot that releases talent. The team runs, fights, insists … but from Madrid one expects inspiration and not virtues from poor teams. The second big problem is the lack of marksmanship … at the time of going to the market to compensate for the loss of the top scorer in the history of the club. The scorer is a talent as specific as the goalkeeper. Fruit of an alloy of cunning and ambition so hidden in the instinct that indefinite with words like smell or Sixth Sense. Lopetegui has to find trust and Florentino the specialist.

Convincing the convinced

To reduce the differences and not tire, I will say that Setién likes to have the ball and Simeone take over the spaces. Different styles defended by convinced types, who take their ideas to the field without confronting them in a press conference. They do well. Strengthening what is proper is legitimate and Simeone did it before the game against Betis alluding to the French team: "The teams, from the World Cup, interpreted that there is another way of playing, where from the defensive guard grows offensively." I am from another school and I blame France that has won with the law of minimum risk having great players. Atlético beat Betis and that reinforced Simeone, because the result is not opinionable. My taste either, so I continue to admire him, but from the other sidewalk.

Long live the 'tiqui-taca'

The World Cups are a point apart. Players are retired, coaches are changed and the selections return to an experimental phase that produces curiosity, but not passion. As if the engines had cooled. When matches interrupt ongoing championships, there is something intrusive that further alienates the interest of the fan. Luis Enrique is the exception: he entered the national team injecting ideas, enthusiasm and convincing triumphs against England and Croatia, selections that Russia strengthened. On the other hand, the Spanish selection of the 1,000 passes that we saw in Moscow unleashed alarms that compromised the credibility of the tiqui-taca. The great solutions are the simplest. It was enough with a little energy, to mix the pass to the foot with the passes to the space and to free the talent above so that what seemed dead, was reborn.

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