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Lopetegui did not eat the nougat because he did not even go to Halloween

Lopetegui no se comió el turrón porque no llegó ni a Halloween

What has happened these weeks around Julen Lopetegui It has been so surreal that it even generated internal jokes in the Real Madrid about the date of your goodbye. The trainer has known the cessation on Monday officially, but I was really out since the defeat in Vitoria. The league break came for the matches of selections and some people close to Florentino Pérez they told him it was a good time to throw him out and let his substitute land in time.

The president of Madrid thought about it and decided not to act yet because others told him that it was the first of October, that it was not going to be understood, part of the press would charge against him for not having patience and having signed him in his day riding an epic scandal because Lopetegui was about to lead Spain in the World … All this after Zidane slammed the door to go with a pile of titles and warning that the template needed to be renewed.

The president of Real Madrid had been saying privately for weeks that he had been wrong with Lopetegui

Likewise, Sergio Ramos and Isco, two heavyweights of the team, including Benzema, were on the side of the Gipuzkoa coach. Yes, the locker room was fractured around Lopetegui Bale, Kroos, Marcelo and others did not hide their estrangement with the technician. The last to be against him was Ceballos, who has gone from starter to not go or called the last two games. Ramos and Isco are now indicated in the club for sponsoring the Basque coach in June.

In addition, in the club there were people who already warned in July that Florentino Pérez had been wrong in choosing Lopetegui. The jokes of the last days went in the sense that "we warned that he would not eat the nougat and he will not even go to Halloween". This weak position of the coach of these weeks is only the consequence of the way he entered the club. Lopetegui signed being in Russia with the selection, at full speed, with his lawyer in Madrid.

The coach of Real Madrid, Julen Lopetegui, attentive to his team in the game against Barcelona

The coach of Real Madrid, Julen Lopetegui, attentive to his team in the game against Barcelona
(Manu Fernandez / AP)

He did without the previous meetings with the heads of the white entity to analyze the template and the signings to be made. To claim and warn that if they were going Cristiano Ronaldo
and Bale, as was warned, should get quality reinforcements. Finally, only the Portuguese left but no striker joined until the end of August when Sevilla's interest in Mariano led Florentino to hire him as substitute striker. No scoring star nor Hazard.

In addition, the white president hired Courtois after two years looking for a great name for the goal when the staff was with Keylor Navas. This signing put in a loop Lopetegui, who began by sitting the Belgian and then alternate them and then make him a starter. On the other hand, he has not given ball to the young Vinicius, a bet of present and future according to Florentino, and a player "still green" according to the already ex- trainer of the team. So he was digging his grave to the president's eyes.

Lopetegui has felt lonely and little respected but the bad results have long since taken away his reason

To all this climate the recent results have been united. A point of fifteen in the League, continuous changes in the lineup without hitting the key, a bad physical moment of almost all the squad, the defeat in Moscow in the Champions … Lopetegui arrived sentenced to the Camp Nou and knew all the world. Bad match and bad attitude of many missing in an always relevant appointment, starting with Bale. Modric or Varane seem like the shadow of those who were in the World Cup.

The 'little hand' of Barça He put the final noose in the neck of a coach that was going to fall, yes or yes, since he had been in a coma for weeks. As always happens, players are safe from further criticism when casting a coach. But now with the new one they will no longer have excuses if their performance does not grow immediately. Especially the most renowned and those who have failed to a Lopetegui that gave the weight of the team to the stars that once overshadowed Ronaldo.

Without Lopetegui, now players are left without a shield and criticism will rain on them if they do not improve

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