Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Looking for a domestic worker, without children and free two days a month – La Provincia

One ojob certificate published in the Public Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC), an agency attached to the Generalitat, seeks a housekeeper and internal care that don’t have children and the one they offer only two days of rest per month and a salary of 500 euros.

In the offer, collected by Europa Press, it is required as requirements for the applicant of this position to have their situation regularized and an age included between the ages of 30 and 38, and have a degree or engineering, as well as experience in caring for the elderly.

“Employee of the internal household, with a break of two days a month, experience in care for the elderly, salary of 500 euros per month, age between 30 and 38 years, residence papers in order, not having children, having experience in food for the elderly, home cleaning care, driving license, and good character “, is detailed in the required job functions.

The woman -because an employee is asked and not an employee- to apply for this position in Castelldefels (Barcelona) is offered a cindefinite labor contract with intensive work -will live in the domicile of those who require their services as intern-, and with the anticipation that it will last one year.

The household and care work sector is very feminized and in it migrated people predominate, often in an irregular situation, and their workers are in a situation of vulnerability and lack of protection, as warned by various unions and associations such as Dragonflies.

They withdraw it

SOC sources have explained to Europa Press that the offer has been withdrawn throughout the morning of this Friday, and have done so after requiring the company to do it three times and ignore it.

However, the offer was still online this Friday afternoon, as Europa Press has been able to verify, and at least one person has taken an interest in it and has registered.

The SOC depends on the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat and is the body that has assigned the powers of the Catalan administration in matters of employment.

It makes available to “all companies and people who want it” the Feina Activa portal, in which this offer has been posted, with the intention of intermediating in the labor market in a free and free way, as you can read on its page Web.

The aforementioned sources of the SOC have argued that companies and freelancers can register job offers on the portal, but then they are reviewed and those that are not adequate are removed, a situation that they have noted that happens very rarely.

The SOC removes “in a maximum of two days, at most three (days)” fraudulent offers, but, in the case of the aforementioned offer of the domestic and care worker, the offer was published last Friday, January 10.

The objectives of the Feina Activa portal are to “facilitate” the search and access to job offers to citizens, and companies and self-employed workers, and expedite the process of interrelation between supply and demand labor, explains on the web.

Also wants offer the possibility of finding in the same space the offers of the private sector and those of the public, and centralize job offers that are published in different sources in a single space.

Companies that use the Feina Activa portal can register their offers at no cost, consult the curricula of citizens who have accepted that their information is publicly available on the portal, and select the profiles that interest them most and invite them to participate in the selection process.


The member of the association Libélulas Isabel Valle has criticized that the offer published in the SOC “demonstrates publicly that the regulations of the sector are unknown and evidence how there is exploitation“towards domestic workers and caregivers.

Speaking to Europa Press, Valle, which is part of an entity that defends Bolivian women, has criticized that “in what other job is asked for employees who have good character and have no children”, and has emphasized that it is another example of discrimination towards these workers.

Has also censored that it is taken “for granted” that migrated women will present themselves to the offer, taking into account that a requirement is that they have their situation regularized, which has been indicated as another discrimination.

“The most serious issue is that this appears on an official page of a public administration, and that there have been no filters that regulate the rights of domestic workers,” Valle concluded.


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