Looking for 900 'Mexicans' for 'Rambo V' – La Provincia

Looking for 900 'Mexicans' for 'Rambo V' - La Provincia

About 3,000 people attended the casting on Thursday organized by the production company Nu Boyana, a subsidiary of the American Millenium, to participate as extras for the shooting in Tenerife Rambo V: Last Blood, the new installment of the American franchise that again stars Sylvester Stallone and that Adrian Grunner will direct this time. The production company, which opened pre-registrations online with a form that should be filled by interested applicants, counted up to 3,000 people who want to participate in the new film of a mythical saga of Hollywood cinema. The candidates had to appear this Thursday, between 09:00 and 19:00, in the multipurpose room of the Adán Martín Auditorium.

For the filming of the film in Tenerife you need 900 extras, men and women between 18 and 80 years, preferably from Mexico or with Mexican features as well as dancers and dancers with Latin, African American and men with many tattoos, muscled, with mustaches or knobs, for more specific figurations.

Eugenia Betancor, director of casting of figuration Nu Boyana, explained that "once chosen the extras and a few weeks before the start of the shoot, which is scheduled to begin on November 16, the dress tests will be done with the chosen ones in the casting ".

The 900 extras will be registered in the Social Security and will have a retribution with the artist regime either as a satin or special figurine, because there will be extras that will participate in scenes with greater presence on the screen.

Some of the people who came to this screen did it for the first time moved by the legend of the character John Rambo, to be seen in some shot and appear in the credits of this blockbuster, but others affirmed that they had previously participated in selection processes for other shoots with different results: in some cases they were chosen because their profile was part of the story, and in other cases they were rejected.

"I would love very much to be chosen to participate in this film," said Evelyn Naranjo, a Venezuelan who has been living in Tenerife for 25 years and believes that with her African-American profile "she could be chosen, I hope," she confided.

Chiquinquirá Guadalupe, also a native of Venezuela, said she had participated in other castings. "This is not the first one I sign up for, it's more last week I was in a selection for Disney, who was looking for dancers. It was a totally different test than what I present myself now, "highlights this 19-year-old girl who came with two braids in the purest Lupita style.

He confesses that he knows "very few things" from the original Rambo movie and that it was in 1982 when it was shot Rambo: Cornered, but it indicates that his "father is very fan of the saga, so I have seen them".

Juan Carlos Martínez points out that it is the second time that he participates in a selection process to participate as a fuguer in a film shoot. His first experience was in The Island of Hell. Although he predicts that it does not meet the exact profile of a native of Mexico, he trusts that his physical characteristics will guarantee him for a specific scene. This 47-year-old man reveals that he used to work in the audiovisual sector, but "now I'm retired already after having undergone ten operations in my throat. "

Federico Bistolfi hoped to make the grade to be chosen. "Let's see what happens," he said while remembering that with this test he had already participated "in three previous selections" for other shoots, between films and advertising spots. Bistolfi points out that it would be "very funny" to appear in a film about a character as mythical as John Rambo.

Fátima Hamdani and Gabriela Álamo, 27, assured that they were "very excited" to be chosen as extras for this new installment of the saga and although they said they were not born when the first part of this famous film was shot, "we did the task two days ago and we saw it." We liked it, "they confessed.

All those who participated in the selection for the shoot rely on being chosen to live a unique experience within a Hollywood blockbuster.


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