'Look at that point, that's here', a hug to humanity

Octavio Suárez, on the Atlantic Wave catwalk. / cover

Octavio Suárez will premiere on July 3, at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, a work of his for the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria

The Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria, a project that is founded in an exceptional moment of our time, in the year 2021, under the influence of the global pandemic, and that brings together a large group of instrumentalists in order to consecrate music as a social tool and that provides a space to all those musicians, with certain training, who had nowhere to develop their musical knowledge together, it offers the opportunity in its concerts for Canarian composers to premiere works.

The next concert of the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria,
Under the title 'A blue point', it will be held at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium on July 3, at 12:00 p.m. with a clear solidarity purpose, since the proceeds will go to Acnur for the emergency work it is carrying out in Ukraine.

For this occasion, the OCGC has commissioned the composer from Gran Canaria, Octavio Suárez, to write his work for the occasion, with the premise that it be a song of hope and a hug for humanity, since the purpose of the concert is to raise the largest possible financial amount to help the Ukrainian people.

«This commission for the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria is a real challenge for me. I had fifteen days to compose the work and I hope that on July 3 the public perceives the same expectation that I have experienced in its preparation, "says the Moyense musician and composer. From 2007 to 2029, Octavio Suárez has been the director of the Moya music band and the coordinator of the Moya School of Music. He has been composing for about ten years and presenting this work for an orchestra is a new challenge on a professional level.

"I want to value the enormous opportunity that the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria offers Canarian composers as a platform for the premiere of their works," he says. 'Look at that point, that's here' is the title that Octavio Suárez has given his work. «
This is born through the commission of the OCGC and aims to reflect the actions of the human being, who sometimes insists on self-destruction. It is composed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is structured in three movements. The first movement transmits the determination to self-destruction, being the protagonist, in an antagonistic way, a song of peace that is repeated through the Shalom. The lament and repentance of the human being are reflected in the second movement, while the third movement shows the hope for humanity to achieve full coexistence", he argues excitedly on a day, that of July 3, which will be very special for him . «I will be in the stalls enjoying the concert of the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria, waiting for the reaction of the public. When one premieres a work it is as if a child was born».

To compose, Octavio Suárez reveals that he often takes advantage of
«the stillness of the night, as Tomás Morales would saysince I don't have much time and I take it away from sleep».

'Un punto azul' has a double aspect: one more introspective and the other full of vitality and joy. He begins his journey through the music of Arvo Pärt who, through his 'Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten', reminds us that we all come from silence and return to silence. This imposing work, written for string orchestra and bell, serves as the preamble to 'Look at that point, that's here', a premiere work by the Gran Canarian composer Octavio Suárez. The concert will continue with 'Lauriers', by Camille Saint-Saëns, a display of triumphalism. Written to celebrate the Allied victory in World War I, the trumpet fanfares give way to a powerful speech by the solo organ that dominates the entire score. The closing of the concert will be full of rhythm and color, with works by Latin American composers Óscar Lorenzo Fernández and José Pablo Moncayo. To the rhythm of 'Batuque' and 'Huapango', the OCGC celebrates its first anniversary on stage.

It will be a very special concert for the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria, with its director David Crespo at the helm. When you reach adulthood, it seems that the possibilities of enjoying personal hobbies and passions diminish rather than expand. Since its foundation, the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria has allowed almost fifty enthusiasts with a solvent musical background to savor and enjoy the symphonic experience as instrumentalists.

On July 3, next appointment with the Community Orchestra of Gran Canaria at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. Tickets, at the price of 7 euroson sale now.

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