May 11, 2021

Long-term unemployed from the Islands will work in Germany and Austria – The Province

Long-term unemployed from the Islands will work in Germany and Austria - The Province

TheGovernment of the Canary Islandsstarts this year a pilot program of work experience abroad, which will allow a total of 30 people aged 18 to 40, primarily long-term unemployed, to obtain work experience in Germany and Austria.

The project, called Intermov-UE 2018, starts in the Islands with four months of training in German for 60 unemployed from Gran Canaria and Tenerife, who will obtain A2 level for free. After that, ten selected with accredited professional training in the electricity sector will travel to work in Germany and another 20, with training or work experience in hospitality, will travel to Austria.

The SCE director, Sergio Alonso, explained that "for the development of this project, continuous contact is maintained with the public employment services of both countries, which have already demonstrated their interest in collaborating by contacting companies in their country." In addition, Alonso said that the success of the project will determine that they try to "perpetuate as an annual convocation".

The long-term unemployed between 18 and 40 years have priority for access to this project. Candidates for Germany must have Professional Training as a technician in electrical and automatic installations, a senior technician in electrotechnical and automated systems, or a higher technical degree in electronic maintenance.

In the case of offers in Austria, they must have a certificate of professionalism or a certificate of Vocational Training in the specialties of cook or waiter, or experience in these professions for at least one year in the last five years.


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