July 25, 2021

Long Island and Crystal City will host the new Amazon headquarters

Long Island and Crystal City will host the new Amazon headquarters

In January of this year Amazon announced its intention to build a second headquarters, invest 5,000 million and create no less than 50,000 jobs well paid. A total of 238 cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico responded to this call and only 20 were finalists. But in the middle of this search, the e-commerce giant decided to change its mind and split the headquarters in two, or what is the same, look for two locations. The winners? The city of Long Island, in New York, and Crystal City, in the north of Virgina.

It will be today, Tuesday, when the company announces its winners. In this way, as confirmed to "The Wall Street Journal" sources close to Amazon, the company will equally split its headquarters in two. This, in his opinion, will allow him to recruit more young people with talent than in one place.

Also, by reducing its size, the potential problems with housing, transit and other areas would be alleviated where incorporating thousands of workers could cause problems. In fact, in Seattle, his hometown, the economic boom generated by Amazon must be added the serious traffic problems and the high price of the apartments in the area, which has forced many of the residents to move.

So tough has been the competition that some even managed to throw billions of dollars in tax incentives. Not to mention the ones that proposed changing the name of the city itself to add the word "Amazon". And who does not want to host a headquarters like the one that this company has in Seattle, with 33 buildings and 23 restaurants.

Although from Amazon its managers came to say that the final decision would be taken from "intuition", we must take into account that Long Island is already a fast growing industrial center, so something will have to do with this circumstance.

Among the cities that submitted their candidacy are Dallas and Austin, in Texas; Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Montgomery County, Maryland, Nashville, Newark, New York, Virginia (North), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Toronto and Washington, D.C.


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