July 24, 2021

London says there may be cuts in eurotunnel if the "brexit" is not agreed

London says there may be cuts in eurotunnel if the "brexit" is not agreed

The British Government warned today that rail services through the Eurotunnel, linking France with the United Kingdom below the English Channel, could be interrupted if a "brexit" without an agreement occurs.

The British Executive published 29 new documents that assess the impact of an abrupt departure from the European Union (EU) in various areas, with which it has already disclosed a total of 104 reports.

One of these documents, prepared by the Ministry of Transport, suggests travelers who intend to use the eurotunnel after the scheduled date for the "Brexit", on March 29, to make sure they have the appropriate "coverages" in case the train circulation is interrupted.

"Passengers using cross-border services are responsible for making sure that their insurance and ticket conditions are adequate to anticipate possible interruptions," the report says.

Should London fail to reach a consensus with Brussels on its terms of exit from the bloc, it should forge new agreements with France, Belgium and the Netherlands to restore railway traffic between the United Kingdom and those countries.

The minister for the British "brexit", Dominc Raab, said in a statement that his "top priority" is to reach a pact with the remaining 27 community partners.

The documents released today also warn that an abrupt break with the EU would mean that the United Kingdom would automatically be left out of 40 trade agreements with third countries, negotiated through the EU bloc.

These pacts represent 12% of the total trade volume of the United Kingdom, which would be forced to trade with the 70 countries covered by these treaties based on the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The Ministry of International Trade pointed out at the same time that the Government is working to forge agreements with those 70 countries that are "identical, or substantially the same" as those signed through the EU.

The reports published by the Executive also indicate that in case of an abrupt "brexit", the British could stop being able to access their accounts of online services such as Netflix and Spotify when traveling to other countries of the European Union.


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