Lolo Rico dies, creator of 'La Bola de Cristal' | Culture

Lolo Rico dies, creator of 'La Bola de Cristal' | Culture

The journalist, writer and director María Dolores Rico Oliver, known professionally as Lolo Rico, He died at the age of 83 on Saturday night of cardiac arrest in San Sebastian, as reported by RTVE.

Rico was the creator and director of the children's program The Cristal ball, that was broadcast on Saturday mornings in the eighties in the public channel. It was a mythical program for the generation that grew up in the Transition. He treated with great creative freedom and humor the children's audience, to whom he was supposedly destined, as if he were an adult. The program, whose broadcast ended in 1988, also popularized Alaska and other artists from Madrid's movida.

In 2003, Lolo Rico published The crystal ball book, where he told the ins and outs of the program. Then he received the homage (the first 10,000 copies were sold out in a day) of those children who had the decency to treat as thinking people. "Ignorance is the worst violence generated by television," the director told EL PAÍS in a published interview in the summer of 2017. "My only merit was to make a program that did not believe that children are stupid, and surround myself with a great team," added the mother of philosopher Santiago Alba Rico, the photographer and writer, Isabel Alba Rico, and grandmother of Nagua Alba, Deputy in the Congress of Deputies by Guipúzcoa and Secretary General of Podemos Euskadi.

In his autobiography How is it possible that time passes so quickly and I do not even notice?, published in 2008, narrates, with some dye of fiction, a life not so happy. A childhood of a beautiful and shy girl marked by the postwar period and by a right-wing father, who fostered her love for books. Later, an oppressive marriage with a financier from which he separated taking seven children with him. She also talks about the love of her life: a career as a writer, scriptwriter, editor and television director that led her to rub shoulders with the gauche divine and then with the Movida, always defending progressive and left postulates.

Born in Madrid in 1935, she began her career writing children's stories and working for Radio Nacional de España and TVE. For RNE he directed and wrote in the seventies the children's program Dola, Dola, throw the ball, for which in 1977 he received an Ondas Award. Also in that decade, in TVE, he was a scriptwriter of the programs The Clock Every Y One Globe, two Balloons, three Balloons.

The body of the woman who influenced several generations with her ideas and provocations, has been transferred to the funeral home of Recalde, in San Sebastian.


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