Loles León clarifies in 'La Roca' the rumors about how he started working with Pedro Almodóvar

This Sunday, loles lion was one of the guests 'The rock'. The actress chatted with Nuria Rock from various stages of his life in the interview and did not shy away from chatting about Pedro Almodovar, one of the tycoons with whom he has worked the most. The interpreter of series like 'the one that is coming' He wanted to clarify some legend about how he got the filmmaker to give him a job.

The current contestant of 'Your face is familiar to me' had admitted on occasion that he had gone after the well-known director incessantly until he got him to give him a job. in the program the sixth He wanted to clarify how true this legend was and explained in detail how he made his way into the cinema when he arrived in Madrid in the 80s: "I approached the director that I liked and asked him if he had any paper for the next film. If you're not there, they don't remember. You have to show up and say, 'Hey, can you come see me? I'm acting and I'd like to work with you.'"

Apparently, something similar happened with Almodóvar: "I premiered in Madrid I told him, please, if he could come and he said go ahead because he liked it a lot and look where we've come," he explained in reference to the first work of theater that the director saw of her and that made him hire her in several films that would come later.

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