Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Lola Ortiz confirms that she has had sex with Diego Matamoros

One more night, ‘Saturday Deluxe’ has landed on Telecinco. This time, Lola Ortiz he has sat on the set of the Telecinco program to talk about his relationship with Diego Matamoros. The extronist of 'Women and men and vice versa' she has told roundly what has happened between her and son of Kiko Matamoros.

The images of Diego Matamoros and Lola Ortiz In a nightclub in Madrid they came to light a few weeks ago but both denied that they were joined by anything more than a simple friendship. Tonight, the ex-woman of ‘Women and Men and Vice versa’ wanted to apologize “for lying” and admitted the facts in ‘Save me Deluxe’.

First, Lola he has admitted that he lied when he initially denied that he had had anything more than a friendship with Diego Matamoros. However, the former 'Survivors' participant has acknowledged that she has felt used by the husband of Estela Grande and has decided to tell the whole truth.

“I lied because I thought he was a friend and I didn't want to harm him in his personal life. I have felt used. It is very coincidental that the news comes out and he becomes a cop that same Saturday ”. In addition, Lola has confessed that she believes that Diego I could be behind the famous recording in the Madrid nightclub.

“I had sex with Diego Matamoros two weeks ago”, has started. “It was in my house. There was no witness but there is a friend of him who knew it. We had a good time. I saw him relaxed and enjoying ”, has assured.

Despite the insistence of the collaborators, Lola He did not want to go into details: “He came to my house, slept there and left. Diego performed very well in bed. The alcohol did not affect him. He said goodbye to me with a kiss ”, the extronist told.

On the other hand, Lola He stressed that he doesn't feel guilty: “I am a free woman and I do what I want with my body. The one who is married is him ”. In addition, the extronista has commented that she doesn't owe any explanation to Wake
: "I don't have to tell Estela about my sexual relationship with her husband, that he confess it."

By last, Lola also talked about the relationship of Diego and Estela: “He has a marriage that I don't quite understand. He was already unfaithful, now he has been unfaithful again, she with Kiko … I do not doubt that he had a bad time but I do not know if Diego is in love with Estela, he has not told me"

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