Lola Massieu and cyberfeminism star in the acts of ‘Marzo-Mujer’

Guacimara Medina, Alicia Bolaños and Elena Acosta, yesterday, at the presentation of the exhibition 'Pioneras' and the program of 'Marzo-Mujer'.

Guacimara Medina, Alicia Bolaños and Elena Acosta, yesterday, at the presentation of the exhibition ‘Pioneras’ and the program of ‘Marzo-Mujer’.
Jose Carlos Guerra

The -imperative- commitment of public cultural spaces in the visibility and dissemination of the artistic production of creative women to correct the unequal narrative that skews the history of universal art is redoubled in the month of March on the occasion of International Women’s Day which is commemorated on March 8.

The council of culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria chaired by Guacimara Medina announced yesterday at the Casa de Colón an extensive multidisciplinary program that includes more than thirty events in 11 cultural spaces of its council throughout this month that, both in format face-to-face and virtual, they gravitate to the work and trajectory of contemporary creators of the islands, as well as to silenced and excluded references in the narrative of artistic creation in the Archipelago.

“Equality policies are so integrated and standardized in this department and, above all, in the Museum Service, that we develop them throughout the year in a transversal way, both in daily work and in cultural activities, but in the month of March we programmed a more particular and special content ”, explained Medina yesterday, accompanied by the head of the Museums Service of said council, Alicia Bolaños, and the director of the Casa de Colón, Elena Acosta.

The poet Natalia Sosa Ayala, Canarian Literature Day 2021, another of the outstanding figures

The tributes to the artist Lola Massieu on the centenary of her birth (1921-2007) and the poet Natalia Sosa Ayala, protagonist of the 2021 Canary Islands Day of Letters, head a large program that, under the heading March-Woman and the international motto annual Women leaders: For an egalitarian future in the world of Covid-19, brings together four art exhibitions, four talks and workshops, three audiovisual projections, three performances and monologues, as well as reading, music and cyberfeminism clubs.

The Casa de Colón today kicks off the first of its two projects with the opening of the Pioneras exhibition. Lola Massieu and her two contemporaries Yolanda Graziani and Pino Ojeda, since on March 23 and 24 she celebrates the Cyberfeminism Days, based on the premise that, in the words of Bolaños, “the cultural work that is carried out in cyberspace also it must include a gender perspective ”. The digital divide between women and men, the harassment and the barrier suffered by women and that has accentuated migration to virtual space during the pandemic make up some of the lines that backbone these days.

The Tribute to Lola Massieu, tomorrow, at the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM), which includes the conference The rebellion of painting: Lola Massieu, by historian and researcher Ángeles Alemán; the bibliographic and documentary exhibition Natalia Sosa Ayala: reborn herself, at the Tomás Morales House-Museum, in Moya; the play Amores secretas de Galdós, by the actress Blanca Rodríguez at the Pérez Galdós House-Museum, about the women who marked the life of the writer; or the visit-workshop Female Idolillos: Imagino y Modelo el Past in the Cueva Pintada Archaeological Park Museum make up some of the events of Marzo-Mujer, which also holds activities in the Antonio Padrón y León y Castillo house-museums, the Insular Library, the Insular Theater Hall, the Plastic Arts Center and the Canarian Nanino Díaz Cutillas Foundation.


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