Lola Jimnez, resident artist at SIT, exhibits her choreography 'In anima vil' – La Provincia

Lola Jimnez, resident artist at SIT, exhibits her choreography 'In anima vil' - La Provincia

The dancer and choreographer Lola Jiménez, who this weekend inaugurates the 2018/2019 season of the Insular Theater Hall with your proposal In anima vil, has claimed that the assignment of public spaces to prepare projects is "vital". Jiménez, who during two weeks has enjoyed in the hall of the Cabildo an artistic residence that has allowed him to finalize his new proposal, recognizes that, once inside, things "change a lot".

The artistic residences allow "to do in the scenic space all that the work needs, without conditioning," added the artist, who thanked the insular institution for giving life to her show through this initiative.
"There are things that were almost packaged in the head, because there was no room to do them, and, seeing them here, some were defined as resounding and others left, because they did not seem valid, we did not see them coherent with how the show, "Jiménez explained during a pass to the media.

"I always work more with the poetic because it can open a wider universe, less reasonable, " explained Lola Jiménez, who started dancing in Gran Canaria's capital, her hometown, with the National Dance Award 2012 Mónica Valenciano. His new creation, which will be shown at the SIT on Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m., falls on the body, the word and the drawing. In fact, these three elements, in particular the drawings, serve as a thread to the work, which she defines as "a very strange alphabet where the public is responsible for giving it meaning, whatever it may be, because it is very large".

Perhaps for this reason, the creator promises to present to the public multiple itineraries in this installation designed for people over 18 years of age. "What I want to propose is that there is no beginning or end, and that is very clear in the work. I do not want to close anything, neither in meaning nor in terms of principles and endings, although it does. "

From 10 euros, the tickets for this show are for sale through the usual channels: the Cuyás Theater box office (, the website and, an hour and a half before each function, the box office of the SIT itself, on Avenida Primero de Mayo in the capital of Gran Canaria.


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