Lola Herrera is reunited with her great character in'Five hours with Mario' - La Provincia

Lola Herrera is reunited with her great character in'Five hours with Mario' - La Provincia

The actress Lola Herrera (Valladolid, 1935) is reunited with the mythical character of Carmen Sotillo, unique protagonist of the theatrical work Five hours with Mario, by Miguel Delibes, who has returned for 35 years since its premiere in 1979. The triple function that this weekend represents in the Cuyás Theater, where he played the character for the last time in 2002, has exhausted all entries, perhaps because, in his opinion, the questions he raises about the role of women in society "are more valid than ever".

"I never thought I would pick up this text again," the actress admitted this morning in a meeting with the media at the capital's theater. "I think Miguel Delibes did a wonderful drawing of that society, but with a transcendence in time, and I think there are still many things to show, especially in these days, in which we have seen that there are people who want us to return to women like Carmen Sotillo and to take away the rights of women again. "

On the other hand, the actress recognizes that "I never thought that I could produce such satisfaction to meet again with Carmen Sotillo". "In 2005 I decided not to do this work anymore, because I had already done it so much that I thought I could do other things, so I said goodbye to her with sorrow, but firmly, but 14 years later, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this novel, wanted to do something and then, I can not explain how it happened that, when I wanted to realize, I was rehearsing, once again, Five hours with Mario"

"Y whenever I picked up this character I discovered new things. But now, in the wide distance that there has been between the two, the look is a much richer look, because there are many things that had not come out or that had gone differently in the work that Josefina Molina and I undertook at the time, "said the actress." So, I'm enjoying as you can not imagine with this character, because I walk with her and I discover many worlds of her, of me and of the woman ".

The montage Five hours with Mario, directed by Josefina Molina and produced by José Sámano, who signed with Miguel Delibes the adaptation of the novel of the same name that the author published in 1966 and that was premiered in the tables with Lola Herrera in 1979, in a monologue-dialogue with a single character, Carmen Sotillo, who watches over her husband's body. In the course of five fictional hours, condensed into an hour and a half of function, the protagonist reveals the gaps that mark her life trajectory, based on the values, beliefs and practices inscribed in the patriarchal society of black Spain in the half century. Therefore, the proposal draws a tapestry of the isolation of many Spanish couples in the 60s and explores issues such as guilt, loneliness, frustration or the meaning of life itself.


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