Lola Flores' docuseries and Mercedes Milá's new program, among the novelties of Movistar + in October

Movistar + opens month with an important arsenal of premieres and comebacks. October will be marked mainly on the payment platform for the premiere of 'Milá vs Milá', the new program presented by Mercedes Milá, which will be released on the platform next Wednesday, September 13.

In this space produced by Zanskar ('Planeta Calleja', 'Volando voy', 'Scott & Milá'), the presenter returns to the format that made her one of the best journalists in this country: interviews. Every week she will receive emblematic characters from all areas and who already spoke with her in the 70s, 80s or 90s: José María García, Massiel, Manuela Carmena, Lola Herrera, Ramoncín and Joan Manuel Serrat.

'Lola' - Premiere - October 28

Another of the outstanding premieres in this month of October is 'Lola'. The original four-episode documentary series 'Lola' reviews the life and career of Lola Flores through interviews with current family, friends, journalists, researchers and artists, among which are his close friend Juan 'El Golosina'; his daughters and sister Lolita, Rosario and Carmen Flores and current artists such as Rosalía, C. Tagana, Nathy Peluso, Ara Malikian, La Mala Rodríguez and Miguel Poveda.

'The footsteps of elBulli' - Premiere - October 7

This original documentary from Movistar + rIt covers the personal legacy of Ferran Adrià through the day to day, with testimonies and meetings with the elBulli team and elBulli1846 participants, including intimate and everyday moments with his wife Isabel. We will see the universal chef cooking again, in action. It will also make clear not only the gastronomic legacy with the testimonies of colleagues such as José Andrés or Juan Mari Arzak, but also the imprint of his footprint beyond the kitchen with the statements of people from other fields influenced by his ideas in the world of design, art and creativity.

'Spice Girls: The Price of Success' - Premiere - October 28

25 years after 'Wannabe', this BBC documentary shows how the lives of Victoria, Geri, Emma, ​​Mel B and Mel C have changed, five women who came together at one point in life to devastate, five different versions of how mature while under great media scrutiny.

'The frozen blood' - Premiere - October 25

Andrew Haigh ('Looking') adapts the acclaimed novel by Ian McGuire set in a six-episode miniseries and stars Colin Farrell, Jack O'Connell, Stephen Graham (one of the protagonists of the acclaimed 'Condena', also on Movistar +) , Tom Courtenay, Sam Spruell, and Peter Mullan.

Patrick Sumner (Jack O'Connell) is a young surgeon still scarred by the horrors of his experience as a sergeant in the British Army in India. With the idea of ​​hiding from the ghosts of the past, he opts to enlist as a medic aboard the Volunteer, a whaler about to set sail from Yorkshire on an expedition to the icy waters of the Arctic. During the hard voyage, Sumner meets the ship's official harpooner, Henry Drax (Colin farrell), a cold and ruthless guy who seems to have grounded all sense of morals. In the midst of a hostile environment, surrounded by men in daily struggle for survival, the young and inexperienced Sumner is soon caught on a disastrous journey under the latent threat of a bloody psychopath, with no other outlet than the icy vastness of the ocean.

'The bite' - Premiere - October 23

Robert and Michelle King's new series ('The Good Fight', 'The Good Wife', 'Your Honor', 'Evil') is a satirical drama shot during the pandemic, which mixes comedy with zombie terror. The King's identity stamp is very clear: connected to the present, situations taken to the extreme of surrealism and a mixture of genres (comedy, horror, zombies, drama…). 'The Bite' stars Audra McDonald and Taylor Schilling.

'Moonshine' - Premiere - October 5

Irreverent drama about a self-destructive clan of stepbrothers fighting for control of the family business: an old summer resort on Nova Scotia's south shore. "Moonshine" is a Canadian comedy filled with tensions, financial difficulties, crazy tourists, village intrigues, police investigations and a long-buried secret that will threaten to annihilate the Finley-Cullens once and for all. Low blows will become the daily bread of this dysfunctional family that will do whatever it takes so that no one sinks them.

Other premieres:

October 1: 'Oasis: Supersonic'

October 3: '20 steps from fame'

October 7: 'AP Bio' (Season 4), 'Tina'

October 12: 'Animals with cameras' (Season 2)

October 14: 'Young Sheldon' (Season 5), 'Jodie Foster, Hollywood in the Blood'

October 15: 'Take That in concert'

October 17: 'Janis'

October 21: 'Martin Luther King and the FBI'

October 23: '' The Blacklist '(Season 9)

October 24: 'Buena Vista Social Club'

October 27: 'Misha and the wolves. The great lie'

October 29: '' To all train! Destination Asturias'

October 31: 'Ghosts' (Season 3)


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