'LOL': Eugenio Derbez arrives at 'streaming' with comedians in a closed-door battle | Culture

'LOL': Eugenio Derbez arrives at 'streaming' with comedians in a closed-door battle | Culture

"Ten comedians, six hours, a referee, an epic battle between comedians where the one who laughs loses, but the one who wins takes a million pesos". the same Eugenio Derbez (Mexico City, 1961) describes his arrival to streaming with LOL: Last One Laughing, an adaptation to the Mexican of a Japanese series called Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documentary film, released in 2016 by Amazon Prime Video and starring Matsumoto, better known as Matchan, one of the most popular comedians in Japan.

For six hours, ten comedians live in a house to star in a closed-door battle, the rule is simple: everything is worth it, except to laugh. The host is, of course, Eugenio Derbez, who asks the participants 100,000 pesos to be able to enter the experiment-reality-contest. First of all, collect the money and then explain the rules: there are two cards, one yellow and one red, at the moment someone laughs, presses a red button, an alarm is heard and, as in football, first admonish and then expel. "I like to try new things, I've always tried to break rules. This is a risk that I'm running and hopefully people like it because it's a strange experiment, there's no script, there's nothing, it's watching ten comedians fight with comedy, "says the actor.

They seemed to be all the ingredients on the table for this series to have some success in Mexico, as it happened in Japan: a comedian as popular as Derbez, with over thirty years of professional career that has jumped from television to film, from actor to producer, from director to entrepreneur and now triumphs in Hollywood; a large number of Mexican comedians, standupers, actors and youtubers with a not inconsiderable amount of followers and an audience of millions hungry for new and local content that no longer searches on television, but on streaming platforms … but the result is disastrous .

"Gentlemen, it's time to get serious, it's time not to laugh," says Eugenio Derbez as a sentence, no longer to the comedians, but to the audience, because the laughter does not reach even with the veteran Liliana Arriaga, better known as La Chupitos, a character that represents an alcoholic and foul-mouthed woman who came to the Mexican television in 1997, with Raúl Velasco, in the emblematic Always on Sunday; not with Alex Montiel, who plays the Golden Scorpion, a youtuber who usually wears a wrestler mask to interview celebrities "containing language not suitable for minors", whose channel emerged in 2009.

The warning with which a viewer is to see the first chapter is that the program is aimed at an adult audience and may contain language that some viewers consider profane, vulgar or offensive, while in a radio ad you hear Eugenio Derbez say that in LOL we will find: "albures, touches, the challenge of chili and even naked. " And that is, neither more nor less. The comedians like Daniel Sosa, Carlos Ballarta, Mauricio Barrientos, better known as El Diablito, Alexis de Anda, Poncho Borbolla, Manu NNa and Alex Fernandez, tropicalize the Japanese version of Mexican humor with the jokes of a lifetime: to speak as costeño or as Quico from El Chavo del 8, alburear at every opportunity, wear wigs, dress as a woman, fight with chicken legs, make half-naked or talk after having inhaled helium, come on, nothing new under the sun, the new "experiment" is rather a remake of the nineties , that repeats the humor that is thought Mexican because it is vulgar and that does not echo in the current public that has more options than ever in the history of entertainment.

In LOL, some of the members of a new litter of Mexican comedians that have some success in social networks, especially in Youtube, where they find the perfect space to talk to new generations, for example, Carlos Ballarta (Mexico City, 1990) has a couple of Stand Up routines on Netflix: Love is fucking and Furia Ñera with tours throughout the country and abroad; Daniel Sosa (Mexico City, 1994), known for his character Dj Erwin – Cámara I do not get sick, he also has a special on Netflix called Sosafado; Alex Fernández (Mexico City, 1985) was part of the team of writers of Adal Ramones for STANDparados or Alex Montiel (Mexico City, 1980), brother of Werevertumorro, one of the pioneers in making content on digital platforms, has four channels in YouTube, which totals more than 10 million followers, the most successful: El Chido Gold Scorpion and Plush in the case.

LOL: Last One Laughing is the third original production of Amazon Prime video for the Mexican market; the first was Devil Guardian, an adaptation of the homonymous novel of Xavier Velasco, winner of the 2003 Alfaguara Prize, the second was A Stranger Enemy, which recreates the 1968 student movement, starring Daniel Giménez Cacho, Karina Gidi and Irene Azuela. Amazon has said it will maintain the investment to generate original content and promote the existing one, according to an analysis by JP Morgan, in 2018 Amazon will dedicate about 5,000 million dollars to the generation of original content, while Netflix will invest between 8,000 and 10,000 million dollars in their Netflix Originals.


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