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The ninth edition of the festival is celebrated in Cáceres on Saturday, November 24 Horteralia, the most fun and eccentric event of the Spanish musical circuit. This city hosts one more year the most extravagant party that one can imagine where the main objective of the public is to draw attention -be howsoever-. Because the name is not a coincidence, here, feeling tacky is a desire and an obligation. Its organizers created it for fun but "behind a show like this there is a lot of work". Marta Alvarado is one of the people who make it possible and ensures that this festival led by the Amantesdementes agency "must be taken very seriously."

As in a good popular meal, Horteralia is a popular party that has its own traditional dish, such as cocido, and an insatiable verbenero spirit that finds its highest point in the proclamation. This year the person in charge of giving it is Malena Gracia, voice of one of the most memorable summer songs, Loca. She is one of the names that make up the schedule of a date that defends the music that sounds at weddings and that makes nostalgia for the town parties visible. In this festival the aesthetic is very important and there is no sense of ridicule, here the bizarre is rewarded with the Gold fanny pack to the most tacky. And since the interior is also important, they continue to highlight its short films section starring women, Fotogramas con shoulder pads.

In this occasion and before the inevitable growth that has had Horteralia in the last times the appointment will celebrate in a greater enclosure as it is the Pavilion Multipurpose of the Extremaduran city. The Board has allowed this event to return to this space so the number of attendees will increase to 3,500. All of them have danced to the rhythm of names as different as Paco Clavel, Maria Jesus and his Accordion, Nancys Rubias, Karina, Rebeca or Georgie Dann. The number of hortefans Arrivals from all over Spain are increasing every year and most tickets are sold to people from outside Cáceres. In this link you can get the latest.

Attendees to the latest edition of Horteralia.
Attendees to the latest edition of Horteralia.

As usual, the key to Horteralia is to get a poster capable of combining consecrated stars with new sounds and names of the musical scene more kistch from this country. All have in common the concept of music as a show and, above all, as a playful element. In this tribute to the Spanish musical history that begins at 14,000 and ends at 04,000, the Azúcar Moreno reigns, an icon that arrives as the headliner of the edition. Without forgetting, of course, Locomia and its iconic fans, the new kings of the Galician cumbia, Esteban and Manuel, the feminist show of Las Chillers and the dance factory that Joe Crepúsculo creates live.

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Locomía y cocido: this is Horteralia, the funniest festival in Spain


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