Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Lock to the 1,400 brothels

Lock to the 1,400 brothels

The government that captains Pedro Sánchez prepares a plan of shock to end prostitution in Spain. This one goes through close all brothels, including those licensed -Even because they are disguised as premises dedicated to the hospitality industry-. According to the latest data handled by the National Police, in the country there are about 1,400 registered brothels, a figure that is difficult to approximate and in which the appointment floors are not included, a booming sector. If the latter are accounted for, the data would increase considerably, as recognized by the police officers themselves. The Executive also proposes penalize prostitution clients, as well as those who provide flats and premises to pimps.

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The information, which was put forward by and picked up yesterday by El País, refers to an internal document of the PSOE, a study commissioned to a commission of experts entitled "Comprehensive Law Project against trafficking in human beings. and in particular for the purpose of sexual exploitation. " This newspaper tried yesterday to put itself in contact with socialist spokesmen, who refused to pronounce themselves on this text.

Nowadays, Prostitution is not legislated in Spain: it is in a situation of "negligence" and its practice - provided it is not compulsory and a third party does not keep the benefits it generates - is not punishable by law. Sanchez promised to tackle this situation and put in place the first law that sanctions trafficking in the country and, in addition, protect and decriminalize the victim.

"Trafficking in women and girls exists because prostitution exists. This is not a job and is a violation of human rights and a form of gender violence, "denounces the document prepared by the council that advises on matters of equality to the leadership of the PSOE. "The connection between trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and prostitution can not be ignored, nor are we unaware that prostitution is not the result of a free decision, as we falsely want to believe," the document adds. If approved, this would imply the modification of a dozen laws in force, including the Criminal Code and the Law on Criminal Procedure.

This is an old debate within the socialist leadership. Already in 2015, the PSOE considered raising the proposal to include prostitution in the Penal Code in the electoral program, an idea that Sanchez finally rejected to limit his promise to "sanction demand and purchase."

Although at the moment there are no regulations at the state level -except for the crimes of prostitution of minors, forced or coerced prostitution in adults and the fact of making profit of another person exercising prostitution, even if he does it voluntarily-, the municipalities have the capacity to regulate it in their streets through civic ordinances. One of the first municipalities to use this mechanism was Barcelona, ​​which in 2012 banned street prostitution with fines of up to 3,000 euros for clients and up to 750 for prostitutes. It is also regulated in cities such as Valencia and Seville.

The general secretary of the union of sex workers (Others), Concha Borrell, refused to evaluate this information in a telephone conversation with LA RAZÓN. However, in his Twitter account, the organization published a text in which they rejected this bill: "" The proposal seeks to eradicate prostitution because of its close connection with trafficking. " Can you imagine that instead of "prostitution" I would put "agriculture" or "textile industry"? What would be absurd? Well that, "says the tweet, which is accompanied by an image in which you can read" Sex work is not trafficking. "


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