Located the corpse of the young woman of Vinaròs buried and with signs of violence | Society

Located the corpse of the young woman of Vinaròs buried and with signs of violence | Society

The body of the 26-year-old girl, who disappeared in the town of Vinarós in Castellón in mid-February, was found by agents of the Civil Guard at midnight on Saturday in Ulldecona (Tarragona), buried and with signs of violence, according to the Security forces.

The body has been found in a wasteland in the town of Tarragona after the confession of the sentimental partner of the victim, a 22-year-old boy, who was arrested last Friday in the Catalan municipality where his parents lived. According to the Civil Guard, it was he who denounced the disappearance of his girlfriend on March 7 before the Vinaròs barracks, where they both lived, The disappearance would have occurred three weeks earlier, on February 17, after a strong discussion maintained by the couple in the home they shared.

Researchers have arrested two other people and made different home searches in the towns of Ulldecona and Vinaròs for their alleged relationship with the disappearance of the girl. The case, in the hands of the Court number 4 of Instruction and Violence of Gender of the Castellón locality, is under secret of summary and new arrests are not ruled out.

The detainee resided with the victim in a house in Vinaròs, which was also registered this Saturday and, according to the same sources, there were no police records or previous complaints from the victim of gender violence.

Officials of the Civil Guard of Madrid specialized in criminology have moved to Vinaròs to support local agents in the clarification of the case and confirmed that the disappearance of the victim had not been voluntary. Researchers have performed eye inspections at the couple's home and in the family environment of the detainee but the case is still open.

The City Council of Vinaròs has regretted the facts and has expressed its condolences to the victim's family through a communiqué. They have summoned for this Monday at noon to the town hall a minute of silence "in a sign of respect for the victim and in rejection of violence."


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