Located in good condition the missing child in Navarre from December 22

Located in good condition the missing child in Navarre from December 22

Agents of Citizen Security of the Provincial Police, attached to the Pamplona police station, have located Olaia Moreno Area this Thursday afternoon, after a search device that began on December 22, when "voluntarily left the juvenile center where he currently resides".

During these days, resources have been mobilized from the different operative units of the Provincial Police, which have intensified patrolling by areas where there were suspicions that they could be found. At the same time, there has been an intense work of information that has finally borne fruit to find out that this Friday the child was going to go to a home in the Cena de Iza.

Through a social network, the youngest had been summoned to eat in the home of a friend of the family and it is there where a discreet surveillance device has been established by plainclothes agents who have intercepted the young woman on arrival, the Navarre Police have informed.

As part of the research work, the Foral Police agents have been in permanent contact with the family and thanks to this they have been able to have knowledge of the appointment they had arranged today.

Once the agents have located the minor, her relatives, who have developed an intense activity in social networks requesting citizen collaboration, have interviewed her for a few minutes before being transferred back to the juvenile center.

The Foral Police has highlighted the collaboration of the minor's family and several juvenile centers in which the girl has resided or users who are related to her.


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