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Locate the address where Shakespeare wrote "Romeo and Juliet"

Locate the address where Shakespeare wrote "Romeo and Juliet"

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New research has identified the place where English playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616) lived in London when he wrote the play "Romeo and Juliet", not far from the Liverpool Street (east) subway station.

Until now it was thought that the poet lived where that subway station is between 1597 and 1598, but analyzes by the historian Geoffrey Marsh indicate that he lived a little further away, on the street of Great St. Helen, where today there is an office building .

After ten years of research, Marsh discovered that in the late nineties of the sixteenth century, Shakespeare was a tenant of the so-called Leathersellers company, which organized the skin trade in Elizabethan times, reports the BBC.

Most likely, your home was among several properties overlooking the Churchyard of St. Helen.

Marsh, director of the theater department of the Victoria & Alberto Museum (V & A) in London, said that the place where the writer lived allows to know what inspired him to make his works.

"In a few years of emigrating to London from Strattford (northwest England), he was living in one of the richest parishes in the city, along with powerful personalities, wealthy international merchants, society doctors and music experts," he added. the historian.

"The merchants had ties to all of Europe and the doctors were linked to developments in universities in Italy and Germany." Living in one of the powerful places in London would have elevated Shakespeare's position while developing his career, looking for a coat of arms for his family and planned to buy a spectacular and expensive house in Stratford, "he said.

Years later, in September 1666, London suffered a fire that devastated the center of the city.


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