March 7, 2021

LLyC enters the capital of beBartlet with a minority stake

LLyC, a communication and public affairs consultancy, has joined as a minority partner of beBartlet, the public advocacy office led by Nacho Corredor and Adrian Jofre Bosch. In this way, the beBartlet partners are committed to the growth and development of the cabinet, while consolidating their independent management.

“We are entering a new stage in which we join forces to consolidate our offer and our differential value. We started the project weeks before the start of the pandemic with a different model in the sector and our approach now makes even more sense than when we emerged ”, said Adrian Jofre Bosch, Managing Partner of beBartlet. In this sense, Nacho Corredor, Partner-Director of the cabinet, points out that “change is the natural habitat of our generation. We are living a change of time that requires a great capacity to interpret the complexity of our society by companies and institutions and they must have the capacity to involve citizens in the great transformations they propose. That’s what we were born for ”.

In the words of Luisa García, partner and co-general director for Europe at LLYC, “with this movement we are taking an important step in our strategy of participating in companies with which to generate synergies and multiply value, without the need to take control.” He assures that “this operation is a commitment to talent and growth in the communication and public affairs market with new approaches and new models.”

Joan Navarro, partner and vice president of the Public Affairs area of ​​LLYC, adds that “we add the experience of a great consulting firm with the resilience of a company born in times of pandemic. It is a winning formula for the world we live in ”.

Finally, in the opinion of the Catalan businessman Guillem Carol, also a shareholder of the beBartlet cabinet, “LLYC has once again demonstrated why it is the benchmark company in the sector. Betting on a cabinet driven by a new generation of professionals demonstrates its ability to anticipate new trends in society ”.


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