January 22, 2021

Llull redeems Real Madrid | sports

Llull redeems Real Madrid | sports

The Madrid of Laso overwhelmed the Fenerbahçe of Obradovic (101-86) and granted a festive truce to the white parish in the middle of the storm. Clifford Luyk says that the phrase was told by Santiago Bernabéu to Raimundo Saporta, architect of the Real Madrid basketball team, and this in turn was passed on to Pedro Ferrándiz to let the players know: "In a bad year of football, the Basketball has to come to the rescue and win by the nose. " With Llull in charge of the game and the character of his team, the champion laid the first stone of a rearmament he was looking for since the defeat in the Cup final. With 17 points and 11 assists from the Menorcan base and outstanding Tavares (11 points, five rebounds and three blocks) and Randolph (21 points), Madrid surrendered to the rocky Turkish champion, who folded candles until the next battles and awarded his fourth defeat of the course. Florentino Pérez witnessed it from the box, attached to his mobile. The white football faces three months without objectives. Basketball still has the biggest ones.

Until Sunday February 17, only 18 days ago, Madrid was a club with the aspirations of the course intact. But that day the course was turned in the white house. In football, in a radical way, with the defeat against Girona that triggered the sequence of Real Madrid eliminations in the fight for the League, the Cup and the Champions. In basketball, in a reconducible way, after the final polemic against Barça that blew the whole of Laso. The institutional tension -with a veiled threat to leave the ACB-, wore into the dressing room, added noise to the sports analysis of stumbling before those of Pesic, downgraded the public self-criticism to the recurrent waste of lustrous advantages and broke the competitive linearity of such a methodical team in triumphs, as in potholes and sensations. Without closing the mourning, came the Euroleague game at the Palau and Madrid again lost, with a poor 53 of joint assessment, the second worst European competition in the Laso era (after 49 in February 2012 against Bilbao Basket before falling in the top-16).

However, despite all, the current European champions appeared in the re-edition of the Belgrade final against Fenerbahçe with the classification for the top-8 already closed and the court factor on track, with a balance of 38 wins and 12 defeats in the 50 matches played (the best accounting in the last three years, time that has been implemented in the new format of the Euroleague) and with the optimistic reference of last season as an incentive. Then, another tough defeat against Barça in the Cup final and an unprecedented sequence of injuries were not an obstacle to go back to the Euroleague-Liga double. "You have to be objective, nobody likes to lose, but if you do, life goes on. Threatening to leave a league seems too much to me, but everyone has their opinion. I always try to see my mistakes and those of my players. We are going to respect each other ", analyzed on the eve Obradovic in Ace with its dry force. With Zeljko as president and Laso as vice president, the European Coaches Association was presented on Wednesday. Corporativism before competing in another pulse of benches won by Vitoria. It was the best version of his team in the last four months.

Maintaining the respective inertia, Madrid was anxious; the Fenerbahçe, forceful (4-10, m 3, first, 10-19, m 6, before the inevitable time-out of Laso). Randolph was the only one who stood up after the initial sprint of the Turkish team (8 points out of 10 of his team) but, by then, Sloukas, Melli and Vesely campaigned at ease, with airs of sufficiency. So much that it led to confusion. The first triple of Madrid, Randolph, of course. And, with the American flag, and the appearance of Llull, the whites made a partial of 12-2 after reviewing Laso's book (22-21, 8). Fixed the step, the vibrant exchange of blows was decided in favor of Madrid in the first round (27-25). The cancharo spirit of Campazzo and the experience of Felipe completed the swift to mark territory (34-25, m.12). -9 to +9.

The reaction of the Fenerbahçe did not have the firmness of the staging and those of Laso were definitely made with the times of the match (45-35, 16). Vesely was lost in the battle of trenches and Sloukas and Melli were left alone before an army that added Ayón to his arsenal. Also to Taylor and Deck in defense. The outcome was opened before the trip to the changing rooms, after a thrilling trip from the Deck itself from coast to coast that announced the white storm (52-45, 20). The attack on defense prevailed. Madrid moved better than Fenerbahçe. Datome and Kalinic disappeared in combat and the champion took off. The assists of Llull and the irrepressible rise of Tavares raised the bar in the resumption and ended by undoing those of Obradovic (71-56, m.27). The Cape Verdean recovered his most dominant version and starred in a partial 25-13 in nine minutes (52-48 to 77-61). He did not stop the party and, with a 4-0 start in the fourth quarter, he reached +20 (81-61). The Madrid is placed to two victories of the leadership but, mainly, approaches the objective to assure the factor court in the eliminatory of quarters. A partial redemption for Real Madrid in the middle of the Calvary of four defeats against Barça, on the lawn and the parquet floor and the end of the cycle in football Europe.

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