July 14, 2020

Llull bury in the World Cup in China "two years of shit"

The numbers of Rudy Fernández in the match against Australia (2 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals) do not serve to explain his performance on the parquet. The captain of the team was huge in defense, a master in those intangibles that do not appear in the statistics, but decide medals. Off the court, Rudy has also grown in the role of veteran. He is the only player, along with Marc Gasol, who hung gold in Saitama in 2006 and represents the bond between two generations that now face each other in the final of a Mundobasket. "We have learned a lot from the elders," acknowledges Llull, another of the protagonists of the agonizing victory against Australia.

He shouted several times with rage that of Mahón and when that happens it is great news for his people and a drama for the rival. Scariolo has always relied on Llull to play hot balls and his serious knee injury has not made the technician's plans change. The base of Real Madrid feels that "it has been two years of personal shit" since he broke his knee, and although that is not exactly so, he needed a performance like yesterday to turn the page definitively. "In those moments you put the soul and the heart and do not think too much," he acknowledged after having executed the "aussies" with two triples in the final extension. The damn knee has made him doubt in some occasions, although he did not do it in Beijing.

It was the usual Llull, that of the tangerines, the one that goes to the front and if he succeeds unleashes the ecstasy and, if not, puts the chest to the critic and to those who already knew it, because they know everything when the game is over. Sergi was the best Spanish with a difference in +/- statistics. With him on track, the balance for the selection was +17, just the points made by the Madrid player, a monster when there is no turning back. His two-for-two game with Marc Gasol reactivated Spain and his two triples finished breaking Australia's tough resistance. "You all know that Llull is not going to fail those," Luka Doncic said on Twitter. "Those," are the two triples when the ball really burned. He clenched his fists and shouted madly as in his best afternoons with Real Madrid.

Fate winked at him in the same shirt with which his right knee exploded in a friendly little more than two years ago. An ordeal with the operation, the recovery, the return to the track, the group and the competition … A long process that has perhaps cost more than everyone expected and that has made him go a few days with bitterness to the locker room. He always wants to be the leader, the savior, and has not always been able to lately. That is why, with the trophy of the last Endesa League in his hands, that reflection of the two bad years personally came out of his soul. The words of a born winner, who will always remember Beijing as the place where he really felt again in fullness with the "Spanish family." Because he boasted a physique to be decisive in attack while "drying" on the other side of the court Patty Mills, the Australian devil who almost left out Spain. He did not allow him to receive in the last attacks, lowering his ass and showing off fresh legs after almost 40 minutes on the track.

It was among those who played the most with Marc, Ricky, Claver and Rudy, the captain, the umbilical cord between generations, who remembered the work of the "window lads", the secondary who qualified for Spain for the World Cup while the NBA and Euroleague players continued with their teams. Rudy gave them part of the success, because he is also his, and showed that his maturity is also important for Scariolo's group. He does not have the physicist of other times and his back is beaten enough to be careful when entering the basket, but he senses the pass line before anyone else to steal the ball and always puts some hand that spoils the opponent's play. This summer's in China will be his tenth medal with the team since the world gold in 2006. At 34, he has lived in the first person the entire golden age of the national team, where he is now responsible for transmitting the winning values ​​to which new ones arrive. Because Spain thought it was a stage of transition after the goodbye of the gold juniors, but the DNA does not deceive and is impregnated in the shirt.

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