Lluís Serra, on the covid situation in the Canary Islands: “The next few weeks are going to be worrying”

Lluís Serra, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Y Rector of the ULPGC, offered the conference on ‘The management of decisions in times of pandemic’, in which he explained that the situation of the Covid pandemic in Gran Canaria “We are concerned, above all, for the next four weeks. The next three or four weeks are going to be worrying, due to the increase in cases, there will be hospitalizations of children, but we are going to bury Covid in a few weeks, this is what is expected to happen, in his opinion, in the month of August.

In the opinion of the professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health “the” tap was opened too soon “on the precautions that had to be followed, but if we continued taking them, we would have avoided all the consequences at the economic level,” reports the press office of the Maspalomas Summer University.

In his message he insisted on prevention and vaccination, because “the instrument we have is the vaccine and this is not over. We are in the process of vaccinating 70% of the population and, in any case, it is a temporary issue ”. In response to questions about the possible need for a third dose of the vaccine, Serra affirmed that those vaccinated will have an immunity of three years, “although the cellular immunity possibly lasts several more years, until reaching 7, 8 or 9 years” .

Lluís Serra, at the University of Maspalomas. U: VM

For his part, Amos García also sounds the alarm. “The scenery of the pandemic has changed and, at the moment, we are experiencing a very important peak, in terms of the number of cases, but the most negative part of the pandemic is hospital admissions and deaths, although they are not occurring with that intensity , because vaccines work and from the moment we have the most vulnerable population protected, we do not have that dramatic pressure, “said Amós García, Head of the Epidemiology and Prevention Section of the Government of the Canary Islands and president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination, in the course about the ‘Social and economic impact of Covid19 in the Canary Islands’, organized on the XXIX edition of the Maspalomas Summer University.

Amós García intervened with the presentation ‘Combat the virus beyond epidemiology’, in which he stated that “it is true that young people do not have as high a risk as adults, but we have had young people who have entered the ICU”, for this reason he is in favor of not taking off our masks, since “the pandemic is not over and we cannot lower our guard.”

“From the moment in which the accumulated incidence rises, the countries recommend that no more visitors come and this situation has an impact on the economy. It is true that we need a new look in which we introduce other important factors to analyze how the pandemic is behaving, such as hospital admissions or deaths, ”said García.

“There is still a long way to go to reach the end of the pandemic”

Amos Garcia


In his presentation, the epidemiologist stated that we are in the last phase of the process, “but there is still a long way to go to reach the end of the pandemic.” In his opinion, we must continue to comply with the measures recommended by Health and advance in vaccination. “The new variants can have an impact that translates into more infections and that, even, can affect people who are only vaccinated with one dose since they are not sufficiently protected.”

He opted to increase the vaccination process, respect the use of masks and physical distance. “In this way we will avoid contagion, whatever the Covid variable.” Regarding the third booster dose, he stated that “there is no scientific evidence that indicates its need, which does not mean that it may be necessary, but at this time it cannot be affirmed.”


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