Lluís Permanyer, chronicler of Barcelona, ​​national award for Cultural Journalism

Lluís Permanyer, chronicler of Barcelona, ​​national award for Cultural Journalism

The journalist Lluís Permanyer, winner of the national award for Cultural Journalism 2022. / Rotary

The 82-year-old journalist has been linked to 'La Vanguardia' since 1966 where, above all, he has followed Catalan artistic movements


Lluís Permanyer Lladós, 82-year-old from Barcelona and official chronicler of Barcelona, ​​has been awarded the National Prize for Cultural Journalism, corresponding to the year 2022, at the proposal of the jury meeting this Friday. The prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, is endowed with 20,000 euros.

The jury has highlighted "his extraordinary career of more than six decades of historical, artistic, cultural and citizen journalism, in Spanish and Catalan, in the press, radio and television, a figure much appreciated by his readers and the general public".

The Ministry of Culture and Sport recognizes with this award the journalistic career in the field of culture developed by a person whose activity is dedicated to cultural information whatever the language or languages ​​of the State used in the development of their work.

In its last edition, the award recognized the writer and journalist Guillermo Busutil, joining a long list of winners, including Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, Anxo Quintela or Ana Romaní, among others.

Luca de Tena Award

Lluís Permanyer Lladós (Barcelona, ​​1939), has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and a degree from the Official School of Journalism. He has dedicated his entire professional career, at the newspaper 'La Vanguardia' where he joined in 1966, to cultural journalism, specializing in artistic movements and the history of the city of Barcelona. He has published numerous books and directed and presented some monographic programs on TV3. Over 80 years old, he continues to be present in journalistic and cultural life.

He began his career in the magazine 'Destino', in which he presented the Proust Questionnaire as an interview model. He has been awarded successively with the Luca de Tena prize (1969) -awarded by the ABC newspaper, Ciutat de Barcelona (1987), Pere Quart for humor and satire, the National Prize for Journalism of Catalonia (2008) and the Career Prize (2012). ) of the Guild of Booksellers of Barcelona.

Permanyer has written books on the painters Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpìes, the sculptor Antoni Clavé, and the poets Josep Maria de Sagarra and Joan Brossa, with whom he has maintained a close personal relationship. He has been a great scholar and promoter of the landscape of Barcelona, ​​as if it were an open-air museum of architecture and sculpture, as well as modernism and the figure of Antonio Gaudí.


The jury, chaired by María José Gálvez Salvador, general director of Books and the Promotion of Reading, was made up of: María del Carmen Riera i Guilera (Carme Riera), from the Royal Spanish Academy; Ana Romaní Blanco, by the Royal Galician Academy/Royal Galician Academy; Jaume Guillamet Lloveras, for the Institute of Catalan Studies/Institut d'Estudis Catalans; Joan Rafael Ramos Alfajarín, for the Valencian Academy of Language/Valencian Academy of Language; María Ascensión Rivas Hernández, by the Spanish Association of Literary Critics; Carles Domènec García Canals, for the Association of Cultural Journalists of Catalonia; Mónica Tourón Torrado, for the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE); Álvaro San Román Sobrino (Álvaro Sobrino), by the Association of Spanish Cultural Magazines (ARCE); Jorge Clemente Mediavilla, for the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE); Ana Belén Roy Rodríguez de Gaspar, for the Federation of Radio and Television Associations of Spain; Yanna María Gutiérrez Franco, from the Feminist Research Institute of the Complutense University of Madrid; Ferran Bono Ara, for the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Guillermo José Rivera Busutil (Guillermo Busutil), award-winning author in the 2021 call.

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