Lluís Pasqual will direct the theater of Antonio Banderas in Málaga | Culture

Lluís Pasqual will direct the theater of Antonio Banderas in Málaga | Culture

The theater director Lluís Pasqual he joins the team that Antonio Banderas is forming to manage the new Teatro del Soho Caixabank that hopes to open its doors next autumn, in the city of Malaga. Pasqual assumes the direction of the theater which is a guarantee to turn this project into a world theatrical reference. Pasqual resigned last year from the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona due to the controversy for the public denunciation of an actress of course degrading treatment. Pasqual described the accusation as slander.

Lluís Pasqual is a stage director and one of the founders, in 1976, of the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona. In his long career he has combined the stage direction with the direction of various theatrical institutions such as the National Drama Center of Madrid, the Odeon-Théâtre de l'Europe in Paris, the Biennale of Venezia, the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao or the Teatre Lliure.

CaixaBank was incorporated as the main sponsor of the cultural project Teatro del Soho CaixaBank "since it fits with its philosophy of getting involved in cultural projects that aim to contribute to offer great shows to the public, but without forgetting to offer training and new opportunities to young people," according to the press release sent by the financial institution.

Antonio Banderas, promoter, promoter and creator of the center, has expressed the importance of having a professional of the caliber of Lluís Pasqual "who with his experience and his talent strengthens the CaixaBank Soho Theater project that seeks to be a cultural reference in the whole world. With him in the direction that goal is even closer, "the note adds.

For his part Lluís Pasqual emphasizes: "It makes me especially excited to undertake a new theatrical adventure so special with my friend Antonio Banderas and in a city like Málaga".

A few months ago Antonio Banderas together with the territorial director of CaixaBank in Eastern Andalusia and Murcia, Juan Ignacio Zafra, signed a sponsorship agreement on the tables of the very stage of what was the Alameda Theater, where the building remodeling works are currently underway what's been called Teatro del Soho CaixaBank.

For Juan Ignacio Zafra, "It is a unique initiative in which we have wanted to be a strategic partner and to which we intend to incorporate the entire society of Malaga, and of course the CaixaBank clients for whom we will prepare a package of benefits. exclusive with which you will enjoy this unique space, "he explained.


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