July 25, 2021

Lluís Pasqual: "Politicians in Catalonia have become agitators" | Culture

Lluís Pasqual: "Politicians in Catalonia have become agitators" | Culture

"I do not know if the independence movement has had something to do or not in this vaudeville that I have lived. We have lived in Catalonia for many years in the midst of enormous tension. Radicality pollutes the environment and makes people go out in the street in an irrational way. Politicians in Catalonia have stopped doing politics and have become agitators of the street. " These are the first words of Lluís Pasqual in a public appearance after his resignation, at the end of last August, as director of the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona after the denunciation of despotism and mistreatment by an actress in one of the rehearsals of the assembly of The Lear King and the subsequent tension that was experienced among the workers of that institution. He made them this morning during the presentation, at the Teatro de la Abadía, in Madrid, of the premiere of Gypsy romance, the work of Federico García Lorca that reunites Pasqual with Núria Espert, who faces alone the words and the evocative images of the poet from Granada.

Espert, who also spoke in public for the first time of the Pasqual case, has denied categorically that mistreatment denounced by the young actress Andrea Ros during the show that she starred four years ago. "I was so concerned with my character from King Lear, I was so afraid, I did not miss any of the essays of the play, whether I intervened or not. I was in all the rehearsals, even in the previous fencing classes that were previously organized. What that actress, who played the role of the daughter Cordelia, denounced is absolutely a lie. That did not happen in the rehearsals. There was never a voice higher than another for any of the actors, neither with the protagonists nor with the choir boys. What she says happened: Pasqual gave her an indication and she answered with a 'vale'; 'You say okay, but then you do not', was the only thing Pasqual told him. I was next and I heard everything, "said Espert.

Pasqual, founder of Lliure, an institution he has been in charge of for the past seven years, said he did not come to his defense after the actress's complaint – and the subsequent support of a group of feminists through social networks – because all that contaminated a part of the theater. "I can not work in a theater pending that he is watching me. The theater needs a deep freedom. Everything can happen in a rehearsal room, but I do not know how to work with tension and those who worked with me know it. If you do not feel loved by some of the people you work with, it's better to leave, "explained the stage director. "That slander contaminated the already tense climate that we are living in Catalonia. I need the complicity of the people who work with me, "he added.

Gypsy romance is the ninth collaboration between Núria Espert and Lluís Pasqual. The show, with Espert alone on stage and no accompanying image, which will give life to the voice and words of Lorca, premieres on October 17 at the Abbey, where it will be until November 11.


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