Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Liverpool-Porto. Neither Casillas nor Militao stop him

Liverpool-Porto. Neither Casillas nor Militao stop him

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Porto was willful, ran, tried, but almost all the time was inferior to Klopp's Liverpoo, perhaps the team that best manages all the resources of football. If you have to wait behind and have patience, then you have it. If he has to master, he does it without complexes and with authority. Sometimes it lacks brilliance, but it gives a confidence, a certainty in what it does, that makes it one of the favorites And besides, it does not forgive. As you make a mistake, as you fool yourself a moment, it does not forgive you. Porto will need almost a miracle to overcome the two goals against those who left Anfield. It is true that he had opportunities, but in almost no time he was seen with more authority than the rival. It was as if everything cost him much more. What was more or less fluid in Liverpool, in Oporto was a matter of hard work. Oliver tried in the center of the field, without success and Marega was a combat machine in the attack, tireless and quarrelsome, he demanded the best from Van Dijk. It is an insistent team the Portuguese, a group of footballers who know they are not the brightest and are not in the elite of Europe, but have reached the rooms willing to fight. Casillas is the veteran, although his party did not attract attention, neither for the good nor for the bad. He could not do anything in the two goals and had no more work. The first goal was a rebound that caught him on the counter and the second was played by Klopp's team, which ended with a cross pass to Firmino and to which Casillas could not do either. Militao was also the starter, the defender that next season will be a Real Madrid player. He did not have Pepe next. It was a very hard match for the central. Porto went out trying to show the European runner-up in their territory that he had no complex. He wanted to press up, impose himself. Liverpool, on the other hand, showed more laziness or more prudence or more confidence that their chance was going to come. And it did not take long, really. Barely had anything shown Klopp set when he found the goal. In a shot from Keita to the edge of the area, the ball bounced in Óliver Torres and confused Casillas, who only saw how the ball entered the goal. The tie was complicated from that moment for the Portuguese. There is no worse team against with a goal in favor than Liverpool. Oporto remained firm and was throughout the game, although for some moments everything was uphill. With the both in favor, the Liverpool took body, the ball and began to play in the rival field. So came the second goal, in a collective move. With two goals, the hurry to the Klopp team, with less rock and roll than on other occasions and with much more prudence. There was no vertigo, if head, to have the ball and dominate. Marega fought against everything. His fight kept Oporto, but it is very difficult.


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