Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Live verbal attack on a Telecinco journalist in Barcelona

Ataque verbal en directo a una reportera de Informativos Telecinco

It is one of the faces most known by the audience of the Telecinco news: Laila Jiménez It is one of the journalists that covers the news in Catalonia and that last night lived an unpleasant moment during a connection in direct with the news that Pedro Piqueras presents.

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It all started last Friday when a Telecinco team recorded and They denounced the situation of a group of children who, instead of going to class, wander around Barcelona snorting glue and generating serious problems of coexistence among the neighbors before the lack of police means.

However, and despite the complaint of days ago, another team re-recorded an eight-year-old boy who inhaled solvent in the same place. Laila Jiménez was in charge of denouncing the negligence of the Administration: "The City Council and the Government of Catalonia pass the responsibility of the minors to the lament of the neighbors ..."

"The neighbors have been complaining for a long time that no one gives them a solution and all their complaints end up in a broken case. They do not know which administration to go to, where to ask for help and the truth is that ... ", at that moment someone would sneak in the left part of the screen screaming"It defends advocacy 19, it's a shame ...!" "You know it's a difficult neighborhood ...", Laila Jimenez exclaimed that in her Instagram she was not so dialogues hours later.

Laila Jiménez, interrupted live by a man

Laila Jiménez, interrupted live by a man
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