Live Ronda-montilla-168-km of Vuelta a España 2022

km 103

FACT. There have been 37 retirements in LaVuelta 2022, only five less than in the last edition in its entirety and more than in the previous three years (18 in 2018, 23 in 2019 and 34 in 2020).

Km 99

Thibault Guernalec had not been a mechanical problem. It was a crash and it seems that he cannot continue in the race. Bad luck for the French cyclist from the Arkea Samsic team, the first retirement of the day.

Km 96

The platoon is also not interested in capturing the three escaped cyclists at the moment. Now they are given a little air again and the advantage that Julius van den Berg, Ander Okamika and Joan Bou manage is once again above three minutes.

Km 92

Thibault Guernalec was standing, waiting for assistance from his team car. He looks like he has had some mechanical problem.

km 88

The average speed after the first two hours of the stage was 43.1 km/h. It has been slightly reduced, although it is likely to increase again for the last stage, in which an intense battle is expected on a day with an unpredictable end.

Km 77

We already commented that the terrain is a continuous ups and downs throughout the entire route. Now they find themselves with a long stretch of descent and the peloton travels very stretched out, practically single file.

km 73

We do not appreciate that Juan Ayuso marches with particular difficulty in a stage in which the candidates for the final victory are not having too much demand. Recall that the UAE Team Emirates cyclist has been confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19, but he is still racing as he is asymptomatic and his viral load is low.

km 68

100 KILOMETERS TO GO !!! The peloton is in the provisioning area and the cyclists take the opportunity to recharge their batteries in a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere than in previous days.

km 54

Cofidis is being one of the most active teams at the front of the peloton. The end of the stage suits Davide Cimolai like a glove and the French team is betting heavily on this possibility.

km 50

The peloton has fully controlled the race and the three breakaways have just over two minutes at the moment. In the end, the group at the head of the race is not very large and the wear and tear involved in opening the way alone is greater.

Km 46

The average speed in the first hour of the stage was 45.1 km/h, in line with the best of the forecasts established by the organization.

km 36

Julius van den Berg, Ander Okamika and Joan Bou have played a major role in this edition of the Spanish round and it is common to see them immersed in breakaways. For all three, this is their third breakaway appearance at LaVuelta 2022.

km 30

The difference of the three escapees grows again. Many teams must be regretting not having been able to place one of their cyclists in a break that was not too numerous, but the truth is that the structure of the race is well established from the start of the stage.

km 20

It seems that the work of the teams that are shooting at the front of the peloton is beginning to be noticed and they have, at least, managed to stabilize the difference between the three escapees at around two and a half minutes.

km 13

There are several teams that don't seem too comfortable with the current structure of the race and are working at the front of the pack to try to nullify the breakaway. They are Team BikeExchange - Jayco, Cofidis and Trek - Segafredo.

km 9

The escape of the trio of cyclists is gradually gaining consistency and they already have a little more than two minutes of difference with respect to a peloton that is riding at a calm pace at the moment.

km 4

The three slightly outstanding cyclists are Julius van den Berg (EF Education-EasyPost), Ander Okamika (Burgos-BH) and Joan Bou (Euskaltel-Euskadi).


As usual, attacks start and there is a group of three cyclists who have managed to take a few meters ahead. It will be necessary to see if the peloton consents to this escape.

km 1


km 0

As we have already mentioned, there are no scoring ports on today's route, while the Intermediate Sprint is located in the town of Espejo, at kilometer 153.

km 0

As for the mountain classification, Jay Vine wears the blue polka dot jersey that accredits him as the leader with 41 points, 19 more than his compatriot Robert Stannard.

km 0

As for the rest of the rankings, Mads Pedersen occupies the lead in the regularity ranking with 184 points, 88 more than Marc Soler and 97 more than Samuele Battistella.

km 0

There is an important novelty in the previous stage and it is that Juan Ayuso, one of the pearls of Spanish cycling and ranked 5th overall, has tested positive for Covid-19. However, considering that he is asymptomatic and his level of infection is very low, he can continue in the race.

km 0

Yesterday's stage, which ended in the first category Peñas Blancas pass, did not leave any major changes in the general classification in which the Belgian Remco Evenepoel continues to wear the leader's jersey with 2' 41'' compared to Primoz Roglic and 3' 03'' on Enric Mas.

km 0

In fact, the last ten kilometers are constantly going uphill and the last of the track is developed with constant 4% ramps, so it will not be easy for the pure sprinters to be able to withstand such a difference in altitude.

km 0

Today there is no scoring pass, but the route of the stage is far from flat, with a continuous up and down and uphill route in the last kilometers, which could greatly complicate a possible arrival at the sprint.

km 0

Hello !!! Welcome to the live broadcast of the 13th stage of the Tour of Spain with a route of 168 kilometers between Ronda and Montilla. Ready? We start...

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