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Live music recorded its best year in Spain in 2018 | Culture

Live music recorded its best year in Spain in 2018 | Culture

Live popular music increases the volume of your business. So much so that, in addition to the scenarios, the boxes also sound like never before. In 2018, the concerts raised 334 million euros, the highest number ever recorded in Spain, according to the Live Music Yearbook, presented today in Madrid. This is the fifth consecutive rise, in this case of 24% compared to 269 million in 2017, the largest increase in five years, according to the same report. The number supposes a record also if it is compared with another source, the Yearbook of the SGAE: in this case, nevertheless, the growth is much more reduced, since this study concludes that in 2017, revenues reached 329 million.

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The Yearbook of Live Music records the data of the Association of Musical Promoters (APM), the most important in the sector with 74 companies and more than 80% of the country's turnover, while the SGAE also includes actions outside of this organization. So much so that, for example, the number of registered concerts is also different: in 2017, there were 87,924, according to the SGAE and 86,348, for the yearbook of the APM.

Be that as it may, in both cases the statistics show that the income exceeds the levels prior to the crisis, and "the dynamics of losses experienced especially from 2009 to 2012 are broken", as explained in the Live Music Yearbook. And that the overwhelming success of the great festivals is one of the main keys that explains the increase. At the podium of the macroevents, Arenal Sound de Burriana (Castellón) and Medusa Sunbeach Festival de Cullera (Valencia) reigned, with 300,000 attendees in six days, ahead of Madrid's Mad Cool, with 240,000 in just three days. Behind, they appear Primavera Sound of Barcelona (220,000 people in five days) and the Albacete Viña Rock de Villarrobledo (210,000, in three).

The APM today accused the press at a press conference of the great improvement to the lower tax pressure (after the reduction of VAT in 2017, from 21% to 10%), to the "exponential growth" of the musical tourism and also "at random" that left an agenda full of global stars that arrived in Spain. Names like Bruno Mars, the international artist who attracted the most audience in Spain, with two concerts and 110,000 tickets sold. Just behind, Ricky Martin, with almost 80,000 attendees in 10 concerts, and Shakira, who offered five performances and managed to sell about 71,000 tickets.

The national podium, on the other hand, is led by a strange pair: the tour of Operación Triunfo (24 concerts) and that of Pablo Alborán (30 performances) achieved exactly the same number of attendees, 288,640, according to the Live Music Yearbook. Those responsible for APM called it "incredible and curious chance". In third place, Fito & Fitipaldis with 264,410 tickets sold in 25 shows

"We have open fronts like the world of resale, so worrisome and that is eating away at us in recent years, "they have complained from APM, before accusing Google of being" accomplices of a scam, accepting advertising from a company that is convincingly deceiving. "They refer to the policy of this company to position resale companies in prime locations of their searches, a policy that the technology announced more than a year ago that would change so that users were aware that they were not acquiring tickets at official points or at the original price. "They know our position and they know that we consider that they are necessary cooperators so that these things happen ", they have ratified from APM, at the same time as they have announced" next steps "in this sense.

Regarding whether the figures of 2018 could be nothing more than a mirage, they have recognized that "the sensations of 2019 are not as good as last year's", but they have refrained from commenting more without reliable data at their disposal. "It is true that the latest figures have been very good and it would not be strange if they stabilized or there was a slight decrease in 2019 by pure correction.There is a lot of conjunctural in music, because we live a moment of many international tours, but there is also a structural component that points to a clear recovery, "said Albert Salmerón, recently re-elected president of APM.


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