Live Moto 2 Grand Prix of Catalonia 2022

Arón Canet reacts now and climbs to second place, although Joe Roberts is opening a gap and already has four tenths of an advantage at the head of the race.

Good first lap also from Jake Dixon. He advances to second place after beating Arón Canet.

Joe Roberts takes first place, while Celestino Vietti has not had a good start, falling to 5th position.

Pedro Acosta, who last Sunday became the youngest rider in history to win in Moto2, starts today in 12th position and it remains to be seen if the Murcian has the ability to fight to finish in the top positions today.

Accompanying Celestino Vietti on the front line are Arón Canet and Joe Robers. This is the fifth time in which the Valencian rider manages to start from the front row this season, while it is the first in the case of the American.

This is the second time Vietti has started from pole this season and he won the race on the first occasion, at the Qatar Grand Prix, in the opening round of the year.

Both Ai Ogura and, to a lesser extent, Arón Canet, have been cutting points from the Italian in recent weeks and today, in fact, the Japanese could take the lead from him, although it should be noted that today Celestino Vietti starts from pole position and could fight again for the top positions.

And it is that, after achieving two victories and a second place in the first three races of the course, Vietti has only achieved a presence on the podium in the last five and in two of them he has been forced to leave, the last one last Sunday at the Italian Grand Prix.

In Moto2, Celestino Vietti leads the standings, although the Italian has been running out of steam in recent races and finds himself with the same points as Ai Ogura (108). For his part, Arón Canet occupies the third position with 89 points.

After Izan Guevara's victory in Moto3 in the first race of the day, we focus on telling you everything that may happen in a few moments in the intermediate category test.

Hello !! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Moto2 Grand Prix of Catalonia motorcycling race, the 9th round of the 2022 season. Are you ready? We start…

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