Live Moto 2 German Grand Prix 2022

Behind, Fermín Aldeguer is very close to linking up with the group of pursuers, so he could enter the battle for third position, since the first two seem to have an owner: Augusto Fernandez and Pedro Acosta.

TEN LAPS TO GO!!! Augusto Fernández maintains the advantage over Pedro Acosta. Five seconds already between Madrid and Murcia. If he doesn't make mistakes, he has victory in his pocket.

At this time, Celestino Vietti would not lose the leadership of Moto2 and would maintain an 11-point difference with respect to Ai Ogura, who is also not finishing taking advantage of the Italian's puncture and is not higher than 9th position at the moment.

Also with certain difficulties Arón Canet. The Valencian has not finished being physically fit and has seen how Fermín Aldeguer surpasses him at the moment.

At the moment, the difference between Augusto Fernández and Pedro Acosta, the two Red Bull KTM Racing team riders, is four seconds, so, in principle, the man from Madrid has everything in his favor to achieve victory in this race.

SECOND PETER ACOSTA!!! He took advantage of a mistake by Sam Lowes to take second place from him and it will be necessary to see if he has enough pace to be able to reduce the disadvantage he maintains with respect to Augusto Fernández.

Celestino Vietti has lost two places and the Italian is having trouble scoring points in this race. 14th at the moment and it will be necessary to see if he gets points in this 10th race of the season.

With this result, Augusto Fernández would jump to third position in the Moto2 riders' standings, beating Arón Canet, but the Valencian could still improve some position. We will see...

Behind, Alonso López is improving positions. He is already 8th, just behind his teammate Fermín Aldeguer.

Augusto Fernández widens the lead and now has more than three seconds ahead of Sam Lowes who currently holds second place.

Lorenzo Dalla Porta leaves. He joins Jorge Navarro, who went down a few moments ago, and Simone Corsi.

Celestino Vietti continues with problems. He leads a secondary group, but he has several drivers stuck and watch out because he could stay out of the points zone. 12th at the moment the Italian pilot.

Augusto Fernández already has more than a second of difference with respect to Sam Lowes. The Briton cannot keep up with the Spaniard and he has to start concentrating on trying to maintain second place because Pedro Acosta is running at a sensational pace and could end up hunting him down.

Augusto Fernández already won in the last French Grand Prix and today he aspires to achieve his fifth victory in the intermediate category.

Augusto Fernández is escaping alone!!! He is almost a second ahead of Sam Lowes and Pedro Acosta at the moment.

Pedro Acosta third!!! After beating Marcel Schrotter. Good race for the Murcian rider who could achieve his second podium today in the intermediate category after his sensational victory in the last Italian Grand Prix.

Arón Canet has improved one position and is now 6th, while Celestino Vietti continues to have many problems and the current Moto2 leader is sinking and is no higher than 13th position.

Pedro Acosta has managed to overtake Albert Arenas and is 4th. At the moment the Murcian has won this duel between the last two Moto3 champions.

FIRST AUGUSTO FERNANDEZ!!! Tremendous start to the race for the Red Bull KTM Racing team rider. He has surpassed Sam Lowes and we will have to see what pace he is capable of putting without having anyone ahead of him.

Augusto Fernández is on fire and is already following in the wake of Sam Lowes who tried to break the race at the start, but was unable to finally break away on his own.

Marcel Schrotter tries to beat Sam Lowes!!! He couldn't, but Augusto Fernández took advantage of the situation and took second place.

Pedro Acosta has just set the fastest lap and is already trying to overtake Albert Arenas to take fourth position.

Augusto Fernández has overtaken Albert Arenas and manages to climb to third place.

Arón Canet is climbing many positions after his problems at the start and is now 9th, ahead of Celestino Vietti who is only 11th and is having a hard time picking up the pace at the start of the race.

Attention because Pedro Acosta is in the leading group. The Murcian is already 6th and today he could choose to fight for the podium. We will see...

Marcel Schrotter holds second position for the time being and tries to keep up with a very strong Sam Lowes at the start of the race.

Arón Canet has lost many positions!!! The Valencian has fallen to 19th place. Also with some problems at the Vietti exit.

Sam Lowes maintains the first position!!!

Accompanying Sam Lowes on the front line are Albert Arenas and Augusto Fernández. This is Arenas' best starting position in Moto2 and he hadn't started in such an advanced position on the starting grid since the 2020 French Grand Prix, when he was in Moto3. For his part, this is the fourth time that Augusto Fernández has started from the front row this season.

Sam Lowes had not started a race from pole position since the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and on that occasion he managed to win the race in what is his last victory so far.

It is not being the best season for Lowes, with many physical problems derived from his falls. In fact, he accumulates five consecutive withdrawals, too much loss for one of the pilots called to fight for the title.

Today Sam Lowes starts from pole, the first of the season, although it is the 18th in his long career in the intermediate category, in fact, no rider has achieved more so far in the intermediate category.

Thus, Vietti reaches the halfway point of the season with 133 points, 16 more than Ai Ogura and 24 more than Arón Canet. The transalpine starts today from 8th position, while Arón Canet does so in 6th. For his part, Ogura will start the race in 14th place.

Celestino Vietti was reunited with victory in the last race held at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit and put an end to a streak of five consecutive races in which he only achieved a podium finish (2nd in Portugal) and suffered two retirements. In that period, although he did not lose the lead, he saw how the most direct pursuers of him were cutting the great advantage that he acquired in the first three races of the course.

After Izan Guevara's victory in Moto3, we focus on everything that may happen in a few moments in the intermediate category race.

Hello !! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Moto2 race of the German Motorcycle Grand Prix, the tenth round of the season. Ready? We start…

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