February 28, 2021

Little Mateo is discharged after spending 11 days admitted to the ICU for COVID-19

Diploma with note, because there is no doubt that Mateo has been an exceptional patient. Thankful for the care in the last 20 days. He was admitted to the Ciudad Real hospital with mild symptoms due to COVID-19, but everything got complicated. 11 days in ICU and 6 on a ventilator. At just 10 years old, she has suffered the worst effects of the coronavirus. Only 0.2 percent of infected children enter, it is even stranger that they need care in an ICU, but the strength of Mateo has been able to with the coronavirus. Eager to go home and still having trouble breathing. Mateo doesn’t stop thanking him. Very happy also all the toilets who have taken care of him these endless days. Applause for a caped superhero that surpasses the COVID-19.


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