May 30, 2020

"Little lies to be together" by Guillaume Canet

"I did not enjoy the premiere or the success." The supposedly happy memory of his highest grossing film as a director, "Little lies of no importance" (which the French box office headed in 2010), Guillaume Canet was instantly evaporated by the death of a friend in a motorcycle accident. "For years I couldn't even hear about my movie," he recalls. He had taken mania from his film creature.

Almost a decade later, Canet has reconciled with that group of summer friends in Cap Ferret (their encounters, disagreements and love affairs) to the point of having undertaken the continuation of their lives in "Little lies to be together". “Over time, I thought about returning to the subject and at that time I got angry with a friend, we had a great discussion, and I realized that with age, when you have had children and some friends have died, priorities change. And friends are already told more clearly and more easily what you think of them. Unlike the first movie, where the characters lie, here on the contrary they say what they did not say all these years. ”

Canet has once again had the acting team that made the first film a success: Marion Cotillard, François Cluzet, Gilles Lellouch … They have all grown up with their characters, like the director himself: “I am in the same situation as them. I never make movies to do. Something in my life has to resonate with me. ” Now, the characters fall prey to responsibilities: “It is true that in the first film there is some carefreeness and unconsciousness. It is all more superficial. I found it interesting that in the second, the rich character (Max, who invites his friends every year in summer) would have become fragile, that he understands that the most important thing is not money, it is friendship. ”

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