April 17, 2021

'Little coincidences', the ghosts of fatherhood | TV

'Little coincidences', the ghosts of fatherhood | TV

Chico meets a girl … if they ever meet. With this mysterious premise announces the one that will be the first Spanish series that premieres in Amazon Prime Video, Small coincidences The production of Atresmedia Studios it will be able to be seen on December 7 in the online platform, while Atresmedia will broadcast it in open in 2019. An "urban, romantic, scoundrel and author" comedy, as the actress Marta Hazas told us, sitting on a terrace in the Madrid neighborhood of La Latina in a break from the recording in early October a few days before the filming of the eight 50-minute episodes was finished.

Hazas is in the fiction Marta, the female protagonist of this story, a 37-year-old wedding dress designer who, suddenly, and led by social pressure, decides she wants to be a mother. A similar situation is presented to Javi, a renowned gastronomic critic who plays Javier Veiga, who is also the creator of this series. "I like to tell things that are close to my navel, I can not write about things that are very foreign to me." This is a very generational issue, of people around the age of 40 who are faced with the decision of whether or not to be parents , which is a question that 20 years ago there was no need to consider because it was normal ", says the actor to EL PAÍS.

The realistic comedy tone that presents Small coincidences contrasts with the previous creation of Veiga, the comic strip Gym Tony. To avoid prejudice when trying to convince the executives to give the green light to their project, Veiga decided to record a year and a half ago a pilot chapter that would pick up the tone of the new creation. With him he went to Atresmedia, whose producer, Atresmedia Studios, was taking its first steps at the same time that online platforms were settling in Spain. Small (or big) matches that made the series go forward.

'Little coincidences', the ghosts of fatherhood

In addition to protagonist and creator, Javier Veiga also works as a scriptwriter, director and producer. "I confess that I am still surprised that they have bet on me, because it is putting someone in the hands of someone with a lot of responsibility, a lot of money and a very big risk, and I do not have a career behind for that …", the interpreter is sincere.

The series was recorded between the month of July and October in different natural locations of Madrid, without having a set behind. "It gives him an impressive visual richness, Madrid is very recognizable, you can see the Viaduct of Segovia, the Casa de Campo, the Royal Palace …", says the protagonist.

Hazas and Veiga, married in real life, are very cautious when it comes to giving details about the argument so as not to disclose the turn that includes the first chapter. Some other information offers the official synopsis, which speaks of the presence of an imaginary form of the future children of the protagonists as a trigger for that pressure to find their better half. As Veiga explains, between each chapter there will be a temporary jump of one month, so eight months in the lives of the characters will be covered.

'Little coincidences', the ghosts of fatherhood

The cast is completed by actors like Juan Ibáñez, Mariano Peña, Alicia Rubio and Unax Ugalde, as well as specific collaborations by Loles León, Marta Torné, Kira Miró, Fele Martínez, Enrique Villén and Alfonso Bassave, among others.

When working with Amazon, both Marta Hazas and Javier Veiga highlight the "creative freedom" with which they have counted. "As we did the pilot, they wanted the product they had seen, they trusted us," says Hazas. The actress sees an important difference between working for a platform or doing it for an open channel: "the target audience does not have to range from children to grandparents." This series focuses on people over 30 years of age and a high level of demand, people accustomed to consume quality fiction, that's what Amazon has bought and that's what we intend to do ".

"Television fiction is perhaps the most demanded product for leisure consumption, the subject of conversation at any table, and fortunately in Spain we have reacted quickly," says Veiga. "There has been a brutal turnaround in the last 3-4 years, maybe more in the drama than in the comedy, in the comedy the models are still a little more similar, we have been more stagnant, and we also have to make the comedy is more to the order of the day, "he finishes.

Between 'This Is Us' and 'My name is Earl'

Asked by referents for her character, Hazas describes her as a mixture of characters in romantic comedies by Cameron Díaz, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston Friends or Sarah Jessica-Parker's Divorce. "It draws heavily from the world of romantic comedy but it's zero bows"For his part, Veiga describes the series using two titles that look like opposite poles: the family drama This Is Us and the sitcom My name is Earl. "If one left Bilbao and another one from Seville, we would be at the point where they are, but surely it does not look like either of them".


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