Little Brave activates a network campaign to demand the expansion of the Materno Infantil

Little Brave activates a network campaign to demand the expansion of the Materno Infantil

Alejandra with her mother, in the Materno Infantil playground, forming a tower with her hands. / C7

The group of children with cancer asks citizens to publish images with their hands in the form of a tower. They do not rule out other types of mobilizations

Carmen Delia Aranda

Before him
new delay in the expansion work of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Gran Canaria, the Children with Cancer Association
Little Brave has reactivated a campaign on networks to raise awareness of the need for this work and pressure the administration to unblock the project.

The collective calls on citizens to support the cause by publishing photos or videos showing a triangle formed with their hands to symbolize the tower, with the hashtag

The Pequeno Valiente association recognizes that
the news of the error made by Health in the bidding procedure for the work of the children's tower has filled them with "despair and indignation" because "it will further slow down the creation of this essential space for hospitalized minors".

The group, together with families and hospital professionals, has
since 2017 «untiringly claimed the need to begin construction of this space that replaces once and for all the obsolete facilities that unfortunately make up the Maternal and Child Hospital of Gran Canaria».

"We can not stop. For now, we will carry out this campaign on social networks and, later on,
we will consider another type of mobilization», indicates the president of the association, José Jerez, who expressed his desire to continue pressuring the authorities, not only for children with cancer and their families, but also for minors hospitalized in the Materno Infantil for other pathologies.

“Within the bad, the oncology unit is the best because it is the only thing that has been rehabilitated.
Any canary who has been in the hospital knows how deteriorated he is», adds Jerez, who regrets not having received
no explanation about this delay by those responsible for Health.

"What we want is that
be done as soon as possible and that someone come out to show their faces and say it, ”says the president of Little Brave, who fears that the financing of the project is in danger with this new setback.

Institutional supports

"This project was left hanging from the previous Government of the Canarian Coalition and we are still waiting", regrets Jerez that in recent months
has obtained the support of several Cabildos and Town Halls who have fully approved institutional declarations so that the new children's hospital is built as soon as possible.

Workers from the Vegueta Market expressing their support for the construction of the children's tower.

The City Council of
The olive, in Fuerteventura, has been one of the last to fully ratify the support for speeding up the expansion and reform works of the Maternal and Child Hospital. The initiative of the local majorera corporation joins those of the city councils of
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Yaiza or Santa Lucíaamong others.

The councils of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and La Palma have also approved institutional declarations supporting the demands of the association of children with cancer in the Canary Islands.

“We will continue to press until it is achieved. for now,
when it's not one thing it's another, the house is still not swept and the facade of the hospital, falling», regrets Jerez, who is confident that the hospital expansion project will go ahead.

"I don't think anyone has the will not to do it, but we've already been waiting five years for it. First they committed 17 million for the children's tower, now 43.
Money is useless if the work does not start», comments the president of the foundation.

Doctors ask for support to work in decent conditions

The Union of Medical Employees of the Canary Islands (Semca) has expressed through a statement its support for the repeated demands for improvement in working conditions and assistance to patients at the Insular Maternal and Child Hospital. The error in the tender to award the construction works for the extension of the Materno Infantil adds, in his opinion, to an "accumulation of failures without the assumption of responsibilities" that have been demonstrating "incompetence", "negligence". "delays and even alleged legal responsibilities" in the Canary Health Service and that "it requires the direct intervention of the Prime Minister, Ángel Víctor Torres, for its solution, given the proven inaction" of the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo. Therefore, they ask citizens to support hospital professionals.

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