July 8, 2020

"Little activists" from a town in Madrid take the floor at the summit

The environmental projects of a dozen children between the ages of 13 and 15 in the Madrid town of El Boalo, such as the care of a herd of goats or the fight against plastic, arrive this Wednesday at the summit of the climate, where they will demonstrate the importance of have "a green conscience" since childhood.

They are students of the San Sebastián public school, where the environment in which they live and the education they receive make them “small activists since childhood”, according to Efe, the teacher of their projects, Jaione Pozuelo.

Three of the projects that they themselves have designed against plastics have been chosen, among hundreds of proposals, to be exhibited this Wednesday at the international climate summit.

Despite the precipitate of the invitation – children have had to prepare the exhibition with more haste, if possible, than the summit itself -, they take on the challenge with emotion and aware that this scenario gives them an opportunity to convince other young people.

Although the truth is that much of their ecological awareness is carried in their blood, since they live in a town in the north of Madrid, El Boalo, with just 7,400 inhabitants, next to the Sierra de Guadarrama and with the pure air that the capital.

In spite of everything, they know that the presence of plastics is a problem and they have set out to fight against them.

At the top of the climate they will explain the dangers that microplastics carry and the possible ways to reduce them.

In addition, a group of secondary school students will propose the use of alternatives to the supermarket's plastic bags, with fabric options that they themselves are designing and sewing with scraps donated by their neighbors.

In the sewing work the grandmothers of El Boalo help them, with whom they meet once a week to carry out this intergenerational plan and be able to sell the bags from January.

With the money they get, the teacher explains, they will buy trees that they will plant around the town, to strengthen this “green chain”.

The climate summit will also serve to present a project of secondary school students, who in collaboration with the City Council are contacting businesses in the area, especially bars and restaurants, so that they are aware of the plastics they use and their systems of collection and recycling.

After the study, they will reflect the situation of the establishments in some reports and will propose alternatives to the use of plastic, especially those for single use.

All these children live "in a privileged place" that even allows some of the classes to be held outdoors, in direct contact with nature, sitting on logs, living "from within" the environment, explains the teacher.

Since the first classes of Infant children have contact with the garden and the chicken coop, taking care of daily, among other issues, to lower the remains of the food to the birds.

"They take turns and is part of their routine, so that since three years they see this waste cycle as normal," says the teacher.

In addition, from Secondary school students are responsible for the municipal herd of goats, a very transversal project that transfers animals everything they learn in class: From science and biology, seeing their anatomy; even mathematics, weighing and measuring its growth, making a whole statistic.

But the projects do not stay in the school environment, but the entire educational community, with parents included, continuously participates in the local environmental plans, with outdoor classrooms, a “mount school” or its own garden.

The teacher says that it is the children themselves who call to maintain and renew each course the environmental care projects, because "they are very aware, and are very aware, of environmental changes."

Their commitment is so firm, warns Pozuelo, that at the top of the climate, or wherever they are heard, they will be able to motivate anyone to undertake the battle against plastics and expand the less polluted air of El Boalo.

Patricia Cristobal

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