April 15, 2021

Listen | Television | THE COUNTRY

Listen | Television | THE COUNTRY

Begins A country to listen to with the meeting in the rice fields of The minimum island between Ariel Rot, presenter of the new musical program on Tuesdays at La 2, with Kiko Veneno, his host for the chapter dedicated to Andalusia. "I've never been and I think it's spectacular, it's a great feeling of spaciousness and silence too, two things that are almost luxury items nowadays," says Rot. Space and silence, the two revolutionary demands of the 21st century pointed out by H. M. Enzensberger ..

An excellent program that allows the viewer to know the lands and music of Spain with the help of eclectic professionals who also have an unusual virtue today: they know how to listen, as well as participating with the artists they visit. Listen, for example, the version of Andalusians of Jaén with Rocío Márquez and Kiko Veneno, it's an unexpected luxury, or Ariel Rot visiting Raimundo Amador and accompanying him with the guitar before kissing Gerundina, his black leg guitar, "this has raised my children, everyone," explains Raimundo. Listen to Rosario, the Tremendita, affirm that "I understand that in a Bill Evans song I can sing a soleá de Triana, and it fits perfectly". Producers like Ricardo Pachón or Paco Loco that explain their work. Music, always music, commented from its different perspectives.

Fine in Cádiz with the Selu, the Koki and David Palomar, where between laughs the origin of the "tirititran" of the Alegrías will be explained, or the importance of the carnivals in their genes. And from there to a spontaneous party in the Jerez yard of Bastiana, mother of Tomasito, and with him, naturally, capable of rape Our father. Brisa Fenoy, model, designer and singer-songwriter, will point out to those present that enormous cemetery that is the Strait, "they say it is the largest in the world." Seville, Cádiz, Jerez, San Fernando, El Puerto … cities and human landscapes that make up a being and a feeling in which music is like the air breathed.


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